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Arcane Circle Information

What are Arcane Circles?

Arcane Circles are a type of magic that is similar to runes in nature, but ultimately different in both usage and complexity. Many people think of Arcane Circles as better runes, but that isn’t necessarily the case due to how different they both are. While runes are temporary and give a burst of effect while using ambient mana to fuel it, Arcane Circles are permanent and will not fade unless removed, while also being able to be fueled by any source of mana.


Arcane Circles are complex magic formulas that that they form of circular drawings made out of mana, often having small drawings of either other circles, arcane letters, or other such things. This is what is used to dictate the effectiveness of the circle, and by pouring mana into this circle they are able to enact the effect for as long as mana is supplied, be it through a user, ambient absorption, or mana-suppling items.




What exactly are Arcane Circles and why do they exist?

The existence of Arcane Circles can actually date back thousands of years, having been created using the retrieved arcane language of a lost civilization, and thus forming what we know as Arcane Circles in this day and age. Many researchers believe the arcane language can be used for much more complex and detailed Arcane Circles however due to a lack of clear understanding and usage, it hasn’t been fully fleshed out even in recent times.


Even given the complexity of Arcane Circles compared to Runes, it is widely popularized by professionals due to their ability to be long-lasting, and their flexibility to create different types of Arcane Circles as long as someone has a clear understanding of the Arcane Language. Due to this, it is often used for setting up barriers, enchanting items, or in some cases, tattoos. The best part of Arcane Circles is that no special ingredient is needed to write them, being able to use mana, ink, chalk, or anything else to draw the circle, and works as long as mana is provided to it.

How do Arcane Circles work?

Arcane Circles are complex drawings that anyone can engrave using any material that is capable of engraving, and as long as it is provided mana it will be able to function. Being able to use mana or magic isn’t even needed to use Arcane Circles, you don’t even need to be the one that engraves it to have the effect of it as long as you provide the mana to it.


While it is possible to overlap some Arcane Circles, it isn’t possible for all, especially so for the stronger and more complex ones due to the slightest alterations to their engraving often causing backlash and injuries.

Arcane Circles are limited;

• S-Rank Arcane Circles are only acquired with permission, from shop, etc.

• A-Rank Arcane Circles are only available for Monarchs and Dukes, and even then it is very rare and hard to come by even for them.

• B-Rank Arcane Circles are for high-level nobility and even then it is rare and hard to come by for them.

• C-Rank Arcane Circles are for low-level nobility and even then it is rare and hard to come by for them.

• D-Rank Arcane Circles are rare and hard to come by for normal people but few shops sell some.


Even with this in mind, Arcane Circles are rare and hard to come by, just because you have access to higher-level ones does not mean you will have access to lower-level ones. Most Arcane Circles aren’t mass-produced or shared outside of where they are from. Most need to be found.

What are the rankings?


  • D-Rank Arcane Circles while not as complex as stronger Arcane Circles, they are also not as useful.

  • C-Rank Arcane Circles are more complex than normal D-rank Arcane Circles, they are also more useful, having a wider variety.

  • B-Rank Arcane Circles are quite complex compared to previous levels but have a much more useful nature to them, having more variety and effects than lesser Arcane Circles.

  • A-Rank Arcane Circles are as strong and useful as they are complex, often being very difficult to truly learn and master, let alone use multiple times due to how complex drawing them is.

  • S-Rank Arcane Circles are little known, with information missing from the ones that are known, many are very complex but incomplete, yet even then they are still very useful.

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