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Beast Clan

A collection of information related to the Beast Clan throughout it's long history of over 13 thousand years.


The symbol of the Beast Clan, meant to represent their animal nature and pride as a Clan.

Beast History

The Beast Clan, true to its name, is made out of races that are mixed with the blood of animals, often resulting in half-human half-animal-looking people. The Beast clan has been around for a long time, at least not officially, because beast-races tend to move in groups and live in tribes so they have always had a resemblance of a clan-like group.

The Clan took shape when the 1st Beast King, King “Mundi Luhan”, saw members of the other Clans destroying the nature and wildlife around them in order to build their own homes. King Mundi was a man that loved nature dearly, he was very close with it, and to see such a thing was both disappointing and displeasing to him. With this in mind, he decided to create a group to help preserve and protect the nature around them from the destruction of others. This was how the Beast Clan first took shape.


Many other beast-race members also felt the way he did about nature, and couldn’t help but feel displeased about the way it was treated. As such, he was able to gather a larger and larger group of people to help his cause, soon evolving into a Clan and him being crowned as the King of it. 


In the early years of the Clan, it didn't have a place to settle down, most often moving from place to place as they roamed the world and enjoyed its beauty first hand. However, in the later years of the 1st King's life he decided it would be best to settle down in a place and build it up, and so he did, settling in the forest of Shinseina. A place that was filled with wildlife and nature, a place they felt at home.


As the 1st King grew old with time and passed away before he could finish building his dream, he left his son, the 2nd Beast King, King “Alexander Luhan”, to take over in building the city he could not finish, the city of “Omnis”. 


Rather than destroying the forest to build the city, the Beast Clan decided to use the forest to build in such a way that the city and wildlife can both coexist together, creating a beautiful nature-filled city. This unique and interesting building style led the Beast Clan to be the only place that was built in such a way, giving them a lot of agricultural advantages. The city is filled with houses made in or around trees, shops decorated with plants or flowers around it, and a beautiful waterfall that starts at the center and runs along a carved pathway that leads to the castle.


All was not such beauty and nature for the Beast Clan, unfortunately. The 3rd Beast King was a man that had a deep hatred for the vampire kind, as it is said he witnessed vampires killing beastmen when he was younger. He vowed to kill all vampires as a child, and this led to him starting a war when he became King. 


At first, the war against the Vampire Clan was going in his favor, his army had outnumbered the newly started Vampire Clan and was wiping them out at fast rates. Things took a turn when the Demon Clan entered the fray though. With the two Clans now fighting against one, the Beast Clan was at a disadvantage.


After many months of endless fighting and destruction on both sides, the two Clans decided to do what was best and come to a peace agreement, leading to both clans stopping the war and agreeing not to fight for the foreseen future. While this had ended the war on the surface, however, both clans have never truly gotten along with each other, often members having small fights among each other.


Many years after the war the Beast Clan was once again off to a flourishing lead, growing larger in size and power. And as such, it went on for years.


One of the many protected lands of nature that the Beast Clan possesses. Being deeply rooted in their culture, nature is admired by them.

Beast Culture

As shown by its history, the Beast Clan is very close and intertwined with nature, not only in DNA but also in culture. The clan tends to have trends related to nature, such as collecting plants, raising rare and magical animals/plants, and also throwing small parties around times of flower blooming. 

On a much grand scale, the Clan sometimes even holds festivals that have to do with nature, such as the widely popular cherry blooming festival. Which is held every two years to celebrate the blooming of the “Evergreen Cherry Blossom Tree” a large tree with is located at the center of the City.


All around the Beast Clan is a very cheerful and joyous place, many outsiders often think of them as being too laid-back or even barbaric in the way they act and speak, but this is simply due to being open-minded and honest in nature. They aren’t the type to worry about manners or etiquette, often spending their free time drinking away at the taverns or simply having fun with anyone they meet. Even the nobles of the Clan are said to be one of the laxest, often interacting with commoners without care for status.


One major part of the Beast Clan culture is the worship of the Goddess of Creation above all other Gods. As they are very close to nature, and she is the Goddess of Creation, the one said to have made and shaped nature on the planet, they worship her in thanks for such things. This worship is not enforced on people, but it is quite common to see even people that aren’t devoted still giving worship at a shrine on New Year, or on festivals. The religion of Shanti is so deeply rooted in the Beast Clan that it’s not uncommon to find people mention it in their daily thanks or praying to her daily.


The diary that was said to have belonged to the 4th Beast King, in which he mentioned multiple reports he received from nolbes.

Political Advancement

The politics of the Beast Clan is run much like a monarchy, with every matter first needing to go through the Ruler of the Clan. This is not necessarily a bad thing, in fact, it has been very useful in keeping the Clan free of corrupted Nobles and allowing a better living for the commoners. The most important part about this is that the Nobles still do have a say in the development of the Clan, as long as the Ruler agree with their ideas.

The Nobles in the Beast Clan has always been quite the laid-back bunch. They are good at their jobs, be it military management, agriculture, or trade, but they very much aren’t the type to get hung up on social standing or political etiquettes. They often enjoy going into the city and having a good time with commoners, drinking, and chatting away without a care in the world.

The Clan has always been lively and carefree, and probably will always be as such. They don’t even restrict people from visiting them.

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