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Enchanting Information

What is Enchanting?


Enchanting is the process of infusing mana into a solid object in order to project properties onto that object, whether permanently or temporarily, through a process many call infusion. While that may sound easy, it is not as it would often require years of practice in order to get the process to work as one intended, and even then it would require compatible material to do the crafting to begin with.


In recent times it is even common to use Mana Dust to aid in the process of enchanting, a substance that is formed by grinding Mana Crystals down to a powdery substance, that still holds the power of mana within them. 


Enchanting can come in many different forms, but the most common form of enchanting is to enchant weapons, or items, with a desired effect, another popular form of enchanting is to engrave a spell into a scroll in order to create spell scrolls that have limited usages of said spell.


How can one Enchant?


The process of enchanting is both complex and simple, as the longer one spends time practicing and perfecting it, the easier it will become to do simpler enchantments, but there are always much more complex enchantments that will always be hard to do. As such, many tend to call enchanting the profession with no end.


Learning enchanting requires one to spend time dedicating themselves to the crafts of it, and even some delicate enchanting methods require the person to have an affinity or precise control over their mana in order to enchant with it. As such it takes one many years to learn how to properly enchant, with no true way to master enchanting besides constant effort.


That’s not to say one can’t make an effort to learn enchanting, with the process even rewarding those that stick to it and work hard, whether it be in their backstory or through roleplay, with roleplaying being an important factor in being good at it.


One can even learn a weak ability from practicing constantly or being taught, enchanting in roleplay, with the status and/or racial affinity of the person playing an important fact in boosting that as well.


Other factors also play a part in enchanting, such as Age, Race, Status, and Experience, with each one adding to how much potential you would have, and boosting your capabilities to improve.


  • Ages 500+

  • Race with Magic Affinity or Crafting Affinity

  • Perm Status or Crafting Related Status 

  • Being taught by someone in roleplay

  • Having a backstory dedicated to crafting and enchanting

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