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A list of questions and answers that members have commonly ask us, before asking a question, read through it to see if it is explained. 

Q - Do i need to read all the information?
A - No, you do not need to read all the information listed in order to make a character, you just need the general information and information pertaining to the character itself. We understand that the lore is long, and as such reading, all of it is not needed to roleplay, just understand a few points:

  • This world is not the earth, it's a place called Shinseina, a supercontinent with magic and fantasy.

  • There are four major clans that act as governments throughout the world, to which your character can belong. (Or be a rogue.)

  • The world is created by a God named Kami, along with two other Gods.


Q - Who do I contact about a partnership?
A - DM either ŻĘRØ666 and/or kovit#1373 with your ad, make sure it follows our requirements which can be found in the partner requirement channel.

Q - Where do I find any roleplay-related information?
A - All roleplay information can be found on our website: here.

Q - How do I get permission only races, and statuses, and so on?
A - There are a few ways to get permission only content:

  • Events.

  • Quests.

  • Roleplay (especially for status, like becoming a royal knight, etc).

  • Giveaways.

  • Mantaro. Visit #server-shop for more information.

  • Mod Work. Staff members are paid in points for their work, which is a different currency than mantaro.

  • Activity. Visit #rewards for more information.

  • Being cool. If you just arrived on the server, you are not yet qualified as cool.

Q - How do I apply for the mod teams?
A - To apply for a mod team, head down to the mod application channel in the mod channel category and do ea!apply position depending on what team you're going for!

Q - What is the setting of Shinseina?
A - Shinseina is set in a world with medieval culture combined with magic-based modern technology. This means that while there are things such as cars, cellphones, and more, there is also a mix of political and social medieval culture.

Q - Can I make my own (insert custom race, status, country, religion, etc) here?
A - You can suggest races, statuses, and such but keep in mind they likely won't be implemented considering we already have quite a variety for you to choose from.

Visit the Races and Status tabs on the website for info on our races and statuses.

Also, while you can make minor factions, tribes, sects, and groups you cannot make your own country and/or religion. Please refer to the Clans and World Information tabs on the website for info on Shinseina's countries and religions.

Q - What are the two abilities listed in the bio format?
A - Those two abilities are separate from your racial abilities. They can be any form of magic and such as long as they are not banned (see roleplay rules in the information category). You are free to be creative with them, within the realm of moderation.

Q - What racial abilities can my character have?
A - Your character may have all listed common abilities on their race profile, as well as one uncommon ability. Rare abilities are permission only and you can contact ŻĘRØ666 to see if you may use it.

Q - How do I make a familiar/pet and/or equipment/weapon?
A - First, determine if you want your familiar/equipment to have a special ability. If not, then you simply need to put that your character has the familiar/equipment in their bio.

If you do want them to, copy the proper form from the bio format channel and fill it out. You then can post it in the proper approval channel in the character stuff tab.

Q - How many characters, weapons, and familiars can I make?
A - You can make three characters, one familiar per character, and one equipment per character by default. If you would like to make more you can earn them through the methods listed in a prior question.

Q - How long until my character is approved?
A - Depending on how busy the bio team is, you will be approved in about the span of one to ten days.

Q - What types of technology can my character have?
A - Advanced technology such as cars, good phones, and many types of guns can only be afforded by those with a lot of money, much more money than they might usually cost. For guns specifically, your character may only have a handgun.

Q - Can I make a character from a (or with knowledge about) different universe, dimension, parallel world, etc?
A - No. You can only create a character that was born/made/created in the world of Shinseina.

Q - Can I make a half n' half race character?
A - No, you can only make a character that was born of one race. The only exception is races that have a racial profile (cambions, winglers etc.).

Q - What do the race roles mean?

A - They mean the following:

  • Vampiric Races - Refers to a race that is listed under the Vampire Clan Races. 

  • Demonic Races - Refers to a race that is listed under the Demon Clan Races. 

  • Beastified Races  - Refers to a race that is listed under the Beast Clan Races. 

  • Humanized Races  - Refers to a race that is listed under the Human Clan Races. 

  • Extended Races - Refers to a race that is listed under the No Clan Races. 

  • Half Breed Races - Refers to a race that is half-breed and can belong to multiple Clans.

  • Permission Races - Refers to a race that is listed as Permission Only.

Q - I’m thinking of making a server about…

A - Stop right there! The question channel is for questions related to the server only, if you have any questions not related to the server, feel free to ask them in the lounge, however, keep in mind that you are not allowed to advertise your server.



Q - Can I answer other people’s questions?

A - You are not allowed to answer other people's questions at all in order to avoid confusion or misinformation. Only staff members are allowed to answer questions, please don't.




Q - Can I ping staff to get an answer?

A - No, please do not ping staff for questions even if you believe this question to be urgent to yourself. Staff regularly check the question channel and reply to any unanswered questions, if you haven't gotten an answer yet it simply means the staffs are busy.




Q - How large can I make my Dragon oc?

A - You can make a dragon with a max height of 30 feet (9 meters), and 50 feet in length (15 meters).




Q - What is the current year on Shinseina?
A - There is no hard-set year currently in the world of Shinseina due to its setting being another world.




Q - Can I use a gun?

A - No, you are not allowed to use a gun of any form, be it modern or older. You are also not allowed to make weapons that work in similar nature to a gun (Rapid firing strong and fast projectiles).




Q - I submitted a bio and nothing happened?

A - When you've submitted your bio, simply wait until you are pinged in either of the bio-balancing channels. If you see a :mag: under your message, it means a bio team member has looked at your submission and will start reviewing it as soon as they're available. Please be patient and remember that time zones exist.
Balancing time itself varies depending on how many changes need to be made. Once again, please be patient and cooperate with your reviewer to make it easier for everyone. 




Q - I got my OC approved where do I start? 

A - Use #roleplay-request to start looking for a rp partner.
If your oc is a servant/esquire (or anything similar), and you want to find a master, use #seeking-something.
You can also get the roleplay ping role in #self-roles to be notified when someone is free.




Q - What does OC, OOC, IRP, ERP, CRP mean?
A -

OC = Original Character.
OOC = Out Of Context. Used to define messages sent outside of roleplay.
IRP = In RP. Refers to things that have happened in Shinseina.
ERP = Erotic RP. I’m not gonna explain that one, but it’s forbidden so don’t do it anyway.

CRP = Combat RP.

Q - How do i obtain status/items IRP?

A - Items are, most of the time, obtained through quests, but if your character is talented enough, you can craft them yourself. The IRP action has to make sense, and effort must be put into your post, so don’t do stuff like “He crafted a magic sword”.
Obtaining higher (or lower) status is a little more complicated, but to make it easier I’ll take the example of an esquire being promoted to a knight, or someone committing a crime and becoming a criminal. Once again, the IRP action has to make sense. You can’t promote yourself to a higher rank.




Q - Which spells can i use?

A - "Normal” OCs can use D and C rank spells, while nobility has access to B and higher-ranked spells.



Q - How many spells can i have?

A - If your OC’s age is under 500, you can have a maximum of 10 spells.
That limit increases to 15 spells above 500 years.
Permission-only races can have up to 20 spells.
“Low-ranking” nobility are allowed to master 25 spells.
Dukes and monarchs can have, even more, depending on balancing.
Keep in mind that spells take time to master, so don’t go overboard and be reasonable with how many spells your OC can use.



Q - How can i keep track of my OC’s mana/money?

A - There is no defined amount of how much mana your OC has. Think of it as an uncountable thing.
The money your OC starts out with can be freely decided by yourself, as long as it fits your status: a criminal won’t have a lot of money, while a monarch will have a ton.
You can earn more money through quests; in that case, you can write down somewhere how much money you got from it. That’ll allow you to prove you can afford to buy items later on.



Q - Where do i submit my OC/familiar/equipment?

A - OCs go in #male-characters, #female-characters or #othergender-characters depending on their gender. You can either submit it as a google document or in a normal discord message.
Familiars go in #familiar-bios and equipment goes in #equipment-bios. Unlike OC bios, only discord messages are accepted. You can include an image.



Q - I’d like to change something about my character.

A - Use #character-updates, and ping your bio reviewer.
If it’s a huge change like changing races and/or abilities (etc), resubmit it in the proper channel. Don’t forget to mention that it’s a resubmission, and ping your bio reviewer.



Q - What are the cities for each clan?

A - The main cities for each Clan, which you can visit inrp, are;

Human clan: Subete.
Beast clan: Omnis.
Demon clan: Monium.
Vampire clan : Tenebris.



Q - What’s the difference between spells and abilities?

A - You can create your own abilities; use your two slots wisely. Abilities will be balanced and perhaps modified by your bio reviewer.
Spells are listed on the website and are separate from abilities - they don’t use slots.

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