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Hall Of Characters

The Hall of Characters is a place for members and characters that have made notable actions in roleplay and have gotten known by the general public. Names along with reasons for the listing will be provided below.

Deon The Alchemist

A slime who's taken up shop in Omnis known as The Goo Brew. Revered for his alchemy skills. He's even earned a place in the Omnis Court due to his craftmanship and reliability. Adventurers will often stock up at his shop for goods before heading out on a journey.


Dødselsker “Joy” Branshakka The Biosmith

A man who's claws bare in every part of the world. His influence stretches far and wide whether it be with his masterful creations mighty fighters wield, or through the knowledge of landmark discoveries. Duke of Nox, savior of Eden, and champion of Balthazar.

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