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The Order of Monster Hunters, a group that is made up of seven factions within it, each faction focusing on different aspects of the school, different types of monsters, yet they all share the passion for hunting down and killing monsters before they could do harm to the living.

While the Order of Monster Hunters may sound a lot like the Guild, they are not, nor do they function like the Guild. Unlike the Guild, they do not hire adventurers or people to complete missions, they instead complete tasks that they are asked to do, or wander the land killing monsters for the people. They do not take on missions unless it is related to monsters, hunting, or even capturing them.

They are skilled monster killers, each one trained for years as a young child before they are given the right to be called a Monster Hunter, and travel the world in order to hunt, often moving alone or in small pairs. Rarely do you see multiple gathered in a single spot, and for good reason. Each Monster Hunter are skilled, even the weakest among them are as capable as Experienced Adventurers, with a large amount of them being Experts or even Master in capabilities.

Unfortunately, while they may be strong and skilled, they are low in numbers. Many failing the Rite of Passage at a young age and dying due to it, never able to truly become a Monster Hunter and join the Order.

There are Seven Faction amongst the Order, each skilled at different things, and focused on hunting different types of monsters. 

The Dragonslayers, one of the more popular factions amongst the Order, they are skilled and trained in hunting Draconic Creatures. Be it Dragons, Wyverns, Dracoliches, Wyrms, and more. They are strong, and capable enough to survive the deadly strength of the creatures they face.

The Aquahunters, one of the less known factions amongst the Order due to how rarely they appear on land, they are skilled in water combat, be it on or under. Trained and made to be able to fight in or underwater with ease, and focused on fighting aquatic-based monsters.

The Griffonforce, a faction within the order that is made up of people capable of, and trained, to hunt while flying. They are trained and talented in hunting areal creatures and are known within the order to be masters of areal combat.

The Canines, a faction within the order, is made up of people capable of hunting ground creatures. They are primarily focused on hunting creatures that are dog, wolf, or canine-like in nature. They are specially trained and made to be the best hunters of these.

The Nightmares, a faction within the order that is made up of people that are skilled and trained at hunting creatures at night. They are specifically trained and made for the purpose of night combat, and their senses are easily able to aid them at night.

The Stalkers, within the faction they are one of the more large groups due to how much less deadly their Rite of Passage is compared to the others, however they are also one of the weaker factions. Mainly trained and focused on the tracking, finding, and trapping of monsters, they are the order that is sent out to find monsters and report the location to other orders.

The Hightable, a faction within the Order that is made up of the strongest and best of the best, are not only trained more than the others, but they have to pass the hardest Rite of Passage and multiple tests before they may enter the faction.

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