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A - Call Of Slumbering Beasts Technique

Name: Call Of Slumbering Beasts Technique

Technique Power Ranking: A

Description: The Call Of Slumbering Beasts Technique is an advanced ki technique that empowers the practitioner's ability to call upon monsters that linger within the depths of the unknown, their imagination if you will, and bring them to reality.


Stage One: To master the first stage, the practitioner must hone their creative visualization skills. They learn to vividly imagine and shape the forms and traits of the monstrous creatures they wish to conjure. Through intensive meditation and concentration, they begin forging a connection between their imagination and their mana; their mental scape needs to be very clearly defined.

Bonus: Once the first stage is mastered, the practitioner gains the ability to materialize conjured creatures in their mental plane. These creatures exist in a visualized plane, allowing the practitioner to study and refine their designs before summoning them into the physical realm.

Backlash: Straining one's imaginative capabilities can lead to mental fatigue and temporary confusion. Attempting to conjure overly complex or poorly visualized creatures might result in weakened summoning capabilities.

Stage Two: In the second stage, the practitioner learns to infuse their mana into their imaginative creations, transforming them from mental constructs into tangible entities. By channeling their mana through focused gestures or triggers, they can summon these conjured monsters into the physical world, albeit simple ones.

Bonus: Once the second stage is mastered, the practitioner can conjure creatures of varying size and simple complexity. These creatures possess physical form and limited autonomy, following the practitioner's commands and aiding them in battles or tasks.

Backlash: Straining one's mana to forcefully manifest complex creatures can be physically and mentally taxing. Poor synchronization between mana and visualization might result in partially manifested creatures or erratic behavior.

Stage Three: In the third stage, the practitioner refines their ability to infuse their conjured creatures with additional power and attributes. By manipulating the flow of mana within these entities, they can enhance their strength, speed, resilience, and other capabilities.

Bonus: Once the third stage is mastered, the practitioner can bestow temporary enhancements upon their conjured creatures. These enhancements can include heightened physical attributes, resistance to elements, improved combat skills, or even basic physical related abilities, such as venomous bite, fast slight, hard skin, and so on.

Backlash: Overextending one's mana to boost the conjured creatures can lead to energy imbalances and depletion. Incorrectly applying enhancements might result in unstable or uncontrollable creatures. If a creature becomes much stronger than the creator and feels as if it is superior, it may rebel.

Stage Four: To master the fourth stage, the practitioner achieves a harmonious synchronization of their mana with the conjured creatures. They establish a profound mental link, enabling seamless communication and coordination with these monstrous allies. As well as being able to create complex and detailed creatures with ease.

Bonus: Once the final stage is mastered, the practitioner's conjured creatures become highly intelligent, capable of independent decision-making within the parameters set by the practitioner. Their combat skills and adaptability are greatly enhanced, allowing for strategic collaboration in battles; they are also able to use limited magical abilities.

Backlash: Maintaining a constant link with multiple intelligent conjured creatures demands profound concentration and mana control. Straining the link beyond one's mastery might result in mental exhaustion or loss of control over the creatures.

Final Stage: To master the final stage, the practitioner must achieve one with monster and mind.

Bonus: Unknown

Backlash: Unknown

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