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A - Tarragonion


- Petrification Eyes

- Petrification Bite

- Sharp, Hard, Venemous Scales

- High Regeneration

- Great Speed and Flexibility

- Great Senses

- Size Manipulation

Danger Ranking: A

Rarity: Legendary.

Region: Unknown.

Description: The Tarragonion is a very rare and very deadly species that have existed since times of old, believed to be related to the Basilisk in some form, however, they are much more lethal. Not only are they massive, multiple times larger than the Basilisk, but they are also able to turn beings into stone with a mere glance of their eyes, and their scales are harder than steel, sharp enough to cut through iron with a mere touch, and flexible enough to give it great mobility. The creature is known to be deadly, and many have failed to even escape once seeing it.

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