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Colors: Purple, green and white

Mineral Location: Deep ocean, frozen tundra

Mineral Rarity: Legendary

Moh Hardness Ranking: 13

Melting Point: 4000° Celsius (6692° Fahrenheit)

Solubility: Not soluble

Market Value: 30 gold coins

Description: There were only theories and rumors from geologists from all 4 clans about the existence of this mineral, until it proved to be real accidentally during an expedition at the bottom of the deep ocean. The adamant can cut and smash any other solid natural mineral, and its geological composition can be simultaneously classified as a metal and a crystal. When broken, it liberates a conserved pressure that can create massive and dangerous shortwaves depending on the damage. This, combined with the microscopic chips liberated, can create immeasurable damage. A mere crack can also be a trigger.Due to the rarity and ominous nature of the adamant, its use is still an open question. Mana can flow through it quite fluidly.

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