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Color: Blue, white, pink, orange, red and green

Mineral Location: Anywhere, mainly on salt water

Mineral Rarity: Common

Moh hardness Ranking: 1.5

Melting Point: 801°C (1473°F)

Solubility: Soluble

Market Value: (White variant) 2 copper coins (All colored variants) 10 copper coins

Description: The Alm salt is divided into colors, each one having its own unique properties.

White alm: Normal kitchen salt, traditional for all clans

Blue alm: Has a bittersweet taste, good for people that have cardiac problems (Almost non-lethal for races with salt weaknesses)

Pink alm: The second most bitter alm, excellent for meat, but if consumed in excess, can cause cardiac and skin problems. (Lethal for races with salt weaknesses)

Orange alm: Has a bitter spicy taste, adequate for sauces and can be freely consumed.(Non-lethal for races with salt weaknesses)

Green alm: Has a sour taste, fits pretty well with salads or general vegetables. Can give diarrhea and stomach aches when consumed too much. (Lethal for common races with salt weaknesses, non-lethal for powerful ones)

Red alm: The most bitter out of all alms, it’s so powerful that ordinary people normally throw up after tasting less than a gram. Can even be poisonous in the hands of an alchemist. (Extremely lethal for all races with salt weaknesses)

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