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B - Verdant Mastery Technique

Name: Verdant Mastery Technique

Technique Power Ranking: B

Description: The Verdant Mastery Technique is a Ki Technique that was brought forth by those that live within nature and have bonded with nature as an extension of themselves. It allows one to connect to nature and control it.


Stage One: To master the first stage, the practitioner must establish a strong connection with plants and attune their mana to the life and mana within them. Through deep meditation and communing with nature, they develop a profound bond with plant life. This stage involves learning to sense the mana flow within plants and understanding their growth patterns.

Bonus: Once the first stage is mastered, the practitioner gains the ability to sense and communicate with plants, such as tell how they are feeling or even sense things through them within a range of 50 meters. Gaining enhanced perception of their surroundings through the plant network.

Backlash: Maintaining the botanic connection requires a harmonious state of mind. If the practitioner loses focus or becomes disconnected from nature, their control over plants weakens, and they must reestablish their connection to regain the bonuses.

Stage Two: In the second stage, the practitioner expands their control over plants, delving deeper into the intricacies of plant manipulation. They learn to channel their mana with precision and finesse, exerting greater influence over the aspects of nature around them.

Bonus: Once the second stage is mastered, the practitioner gains the ability to control, shape and mold plants into various forms, creating barriers, weapons, or constructs from foliage. They can manipulate plant growth to entangle opponents and summon vines for support. Allowing them to control nature within a range of 50 meters of them.

Backlash: If the practitioner's focus wavers or their mana becomes disrupted, their control over plants weakens, and they temporarily lose their enhanced abilities until they can regain their connection and regain mastery over flora manipulation. Their body is also more susceptible to flames by 2x.

Final Stage: To master the final stage, the practitioner achieves a state of true symbiosis with plants. They become the epitome of harmony between their own mana and nature, reaching unparalleled levels of plant control. This stage requires a profound knowledge of plants, mastery of advanced techniques, and a deep affinity for nature.

Bonus: Once the final stage is mastered, the practitioner gains complete dominion over plants within a limited range of 100 meters of them. They can manipulate large-scale vegetation, summon powerful plant guardians, and even tap into the ancient wisdom of plant spirits.

Backlash: The practitioner must maintain a constant connection with the natural world. If they lose their connection with nature or sever their bond with plants, they will lose their mastery of the stage right back down to stage one. This stage also makes them more susceptible to flames adding 2x to the previous amount. Also they require water a lot more.

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