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C - Hetfang


- They are made out of lava and obsidian.

- They are able to swim in lava and magma like it is the ocean.

- They are covered in scales that are twice as hard as steel.

- They can spit out lava.

- They are 4x faster than a normal snake.

- They have high-speed regeneration everywhere but their main head.

Danger Ranking: C

Rarity: Rare.

Region: Elemental Isle.

Description: Hetfangs are one of the many races that have begun to appear due to the sudden changes in the world. With their snake-like appearance that has three heads, many call them downgraded versions of a hydra, however, they are still strong nonetheless, with their body made out of scorching lava, hard scales, and size of almost 40 feet long, they are quite dangerous.

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