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Combo: Electric + White Arts- Resuscitate

Type of Spell: Combo - Electric + White Arts

Spell Power Ranking: B

Description: The user touches a person or creature. After they do this, a rune will appear on that person. Then, after two turns of them casting this spell, the rune will be struck by an intense lightning from the sky. Once this happens, any moderate and severe wounds, but not fatal wounds, will be repaired immediately, and the person struck will receive a burst of adrenaline. If this spell was used on a person who is unconscious, it will cause them to wake up suddenly. It is also capable of restarting hearts like a defibrillator.

Mana Cost: High

Limitations/Side Effects: The person this spell was casted on will pass out from exhaustion due to stress on the body after 10 Turns.

Cooldown: 7 Turns

Requirements: The user must be outside to cast this spell.

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