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D- Dorbog Alpha

Abilities: •Equipped with a large wooden club, and, in rare cases, a spear decorated with bones and rodent skulls - this indicates a notion of old age and/or battle experience. •Tough, leather-like skin. •Great muscle mass compared to a human. Danger Ranking: D Rarity: Uncommon Region: Swamps, Seaside Description: Cousin to the Dorbogs, these Alpha specimens are much bigger in size (around the size of a human) and lead the tribes. Unlike the regular Dorbogs, they don’t breed with members of their own tribe but meet with other alphas in order to keep their bloodline intact. Much bigger and stronger than the others, they fulfill the roles of guards and, in some instances, hunters, without gender distinction. There are usually around 2 or 3 alphas per tribes - they often patrol together, but never leave the village undefended. Males have a dark skin while females are grey. They can live for up to 40 years, with their skin becoming increasingly rough with time.

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