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D - Phantasm


- They are made out of clouds and smoke.

- They are immune to physical damage due to being completely made out of clouds and smoke.

- They are able to create illusions with audio and sight to an extent.

Rarity: Uncommon

Location: Forest, Corrupted Swamp


Believed to be made similar to an Air Elemental except with twisted and dark mana, the Phantasm is a trickster creature composed of an animate mass of mana. These creatures are much like clouds in their true form, incorporeal so that they can’t interact with physical objects. They can change the colors of their clouds down to exquisite detail, and create sounds, giving them the title ‘living illusions’. Mischievous and playful, but overall docile creatures, they are sometimes known to bond with humanoids they find entertaining. They can shrink down to the size of a bunny or expand to the size of a house. They’re weak to wind magic and mana construct attacks in their ‘area’, being split into too many parts before they can heal kills them, dispersing their cloud back into mist. They can be healed by feeding them mana, particularly air crystals.

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