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D - Shielding Barrier Technique

Name: Shielding Barrier Technique

Technique Power Ranking: D

Description: The Shielding Barrier Technique is a basic Ki Technique that focuses on the projection of a protective force field to shield the user from attacks. It allows the user to create a defensive barrier that can even absorb and deflect incoming projectiles or physical strikes.


Stage One: To master this stage, the user learns the fundamentals of creating a solid barrier of mana. They practice concentration techniques to channel their mana and shape it into a protective force field around their body.

Bonus: Creates a basic shield that provides limited defense against physical attacks and low-impact projectiles. Reducing incoming damage by 10%.

Backlash: The shield is relatively weak and can be easily overwhelmed by powerful attacks. Drains the user's mana reserves with prolonged use.

Stage Two: In this stage, the user focuses on reinforcing the shield's durability and strength. They learn to condense their mana into a denser form, making the shield more resistant to impact and capable of withstanding greater force. Requiring them to withstand hundreds of attacks to properly temper it.

Bonus: Increased durability and resilience of the shield, providing better defense against physical attacks and moderate-impact projectiles. Raising damage reduction to 20%.

Backlash: Maintaining a denser shield requires a higher level of concentration and energy expenditure, resulting in faster depletion of the user's mana reserves.

Final Stage: To progress to this stage, the user hones their reflexes and synchronization with their shield. They learn to sense and predict incoming attacks, enabling the shield to automatically react and deflect projectiles or strikes without conscious effort. To fully master this stage they need to be able to maintain the shield and reflect over a hundred attacks.

Bonus: The shield becomes more responsive, automatically deflecting incoming projectiles and redirecting physical strikes away from the user. Improved defense against ranged attacks and faster reactions.

Backlash: The reactive nature of the shield increases mental strain on the user, potentially leading to temporary distraction and reduced focus on other aspects of combat. Powerful attacks can't be reflected and reflecting anything still deals a portion of the damage to the user.

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