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Darkness Embrace

Mineral Name: Darkness Embrace

Color: Pitch Black

Mineral Location: Very deep underground in pitch black places filled with mana

Mineral Rarity: Legendary

Moh's Hardness Ranking: 8

Melting Point: Unknown, as it cannot be melted by conventional means

Solubility: Insoluble

Market Value: N/A, as it is considered a forbidden mineral and possessing it is illegal in all clans

Description: Darkness Embrace is a very rare and powerful mineral that emits a dark aura, absorbing all light in its vicinity and leaving the area 50 meters around the gemstone pitch black, a darkness that can't be seen through with night vision or true sight. Its properties are not well understood, but it is known to be rather dangerous, often times leading to even the death of the user. The mineral is said to have been created by the pure darkness being absorbed into a mana crystal and changing it, but tests have been done to create one only for all to fail. Some say that its mere presence can cause insanity, while others believe that it can grant unimaginable power to those who possess it. Regardless of its true nature, Darkness Embrace remains a forbidden mineral, with possession of it often punishable by death.

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