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Draconic Ore

Color: Many

Mineral location: They are located within the Dragon Realm.

Mineral Rarity: Legendary.

Moh's Hardness Ranking: 23

Melting Point: Unknown

Solubility: None.

Market Value: Not sold.

Description: A very rare ore that is forms from the dead body of a strong dragon through many years. The mineral itself takes many years to form, with the long time pass the bigger it gets, however just forming the mineral to begin with is extremely rare, with a dead dragon being requires along with lots of resting mana in the area. On Shinseina this mineral is so hard to find that it is considered fiction to most, while even in the Dragon Realm the ore is found very very rarely.

The mineral is so strong that any armour or weapon made from it or even infused with a bit of it, is said to be unbreakable to most people. With the mineral having the capability to be infused with mana more easily, granting it added bonuses.

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