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E - Magma Slime


-Limited Fire Manipulation.

-Can shape and move its body at will.


-Can regain lost mass by absorbing fire or magma.

-Will not die unless the core is removed from inside it or broken.

Danger Ranking: E

Rarity: Uncommon

Region: Deserts, Fire Places.

Description: Magma Slimes are a species of creatures that can commonly be found around deserts or places with a large amount of heat or flames. While they may be called slimes, they are not the same as the Slime Race that is commonly found living around with other people, they are instead a species of monsters that are created by the formation of mana and element, taking on a free-form shape, allowing them to move and live as a slime-like being. Unlike the race of Slimes that have cores that grant them sentience and free-will, these monsters do not possess a normal core, instead they possess a monster core that acts as their centre, granting them limited intelligence.

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