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F - Whispweaver


- Delicate, translucent wings that create a soft, mesmerizing glow.

- Weave intricate patterns of light in flight.

- Emit a calming aura that soothes nearby creatures.

- Feed on dewdrops and honeydew.

Danger Ranking: F

Rarity: Uncommon

Region: Forests, Plains

Description: Whispweavers are ethereal balls with delicate, translucent wings that emit a soft and mesmerizing glow. As they flutter through the air, they weave intricate patterns of light, creating a captivating display. Whispweavers possess a unique ability to emit a calming aura that has a soothing effect on nearby creatures, helping to create a peaceful atmosphere in their presence. They sustain themselves by feeding on dewdrops and honeydew found in the forest. Whispweavers are often encountered in quiet forests and open clearings, enchanting those who are fortunate enough to witness their gentle and mystical flight. Though they are harmless, their beauty and serene presence make them a delight to encounter in nature.


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