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C- FaceStealer


  • Shapeshifting - It can take the forms of people it has stolen the face from.

  • Mimicry - It can mimic voices and sounds that it has heard.

  • Flexibility - It's flexible enough to bend any part of its body however it wants completely.

  • Mind Reading - It can read the mind of someone that it sees, allowing it to learn information about them.

  • Blindness Inducement - It can make someone temporarily unable to see.

Danger Ranking: C

Rarity: Rare

Region: Corrupted Swamp

Description: A creature that is said to be found in the destroyed swamp and is dangerous to encounter. The creature is said to take the forms of people it has killed and lure in victims, earning it the name facestealer, and the nickname 'Familiar Death'. It is said to dislike bright lights, which is one way to keep it from tricking you.

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