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Ghost Lily

Name: Ghost Lily

Availability: Rare

Region: Dark Caves and Crypts

Preparation: Must be consumed

Cost: 7 Silver Coins

Description: The Ghost Lily is a rare flora that grows in the darkest and most shadowed parts of caves and crypts. When consumed raw, it imbues the user with a temporary invisibility that lasts for 10 turns, hiding them from normal sight and mana-sensing abilities. The user's footsteps and movements will also be silenced during this time, along with their scents and sounds they make. The consumption of multiple Ghost Lilies in a short period of time can lead to a prolonged and dangerous state of invisibility that can cause the user to lose their sense of time and space, potentially leading to madness. As such, it is recommended to wait at least a day between consuming Ghost Lilies.

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