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Mineral Name: Lumegrass

Color: Bright green

Mineral Location: Meadows, grasslands

Mineral Rarity: Common

Moh Hardness Ranking: .5

Melting Point: 200°C

Solubility: Soluble

Market Value: 6 copper coins per blade

Description: Lumegrass is a type of mineral that appears like blades of grass, but with a brighter, almost glowing green color, making it stand out from normal grass. It can be found commonly in meadows and grasslands and is often harvested by farmers for its unique properties of being able to act as a healthy supplement to animals or even a vitamin to people that eat it. Lumegrass contains a very low concentration of mana, which, while not very useful for most magical things, it can be a good supplement for daily food. Due to its abundance, Lumegrass is not particularly valuable, but it is rather useful for those that like to be healthy.

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