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Color: Bronze, Brown, Yellow Mineral Location: Anywhere Mineral Rarity: Legendary Moh Hardness Ranking: 7.5 Melting Point: 2800°C Solubility: Insoluble Market Value: 10 gold per pound Description: A hard crystal that can conduct magnetic fields abnormally well. Formed when mana mixed into a storm and a bolt of lightning strikes some metallic substance, although incredibly rare, changes its properties to resemble a bronze crystal. Metocite is potent with mana in an unorthodox way, able to be used in electronics by enchantments but most predominately high end laboratories or research facilities. They can have both a positive or negative field when controlled by mana, but this effect is incredibly difficult to control properly. The crystal is banned in major cities without authorization from the government due to the destructive capability they possess when surrounded by metallic structures.

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