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Mystikk Fruit

Name: Mystikk Fruit

Availability: Rare+

Region: Fire & Earth, Desert. Wind & Light, Mountains. Dark, Caves. Nature, Forests. Water, Oceans. Ice, Tundra

Preparation: Must be consumed

Cost: N/A

Description: These fruits are a very rare and very magical flora, certain kinds only growing in certain climates. There are 8 different types of fruit for the different elemental affinities. Water, ice, fire, nature, wind, earth, dark, and light. Consuming one grant/increase the users elemental affinity (for the fruits element) by 40%-80% . The fruit does not work when consumed by those with an already high elemental affinity (4X or above). These fruits cannot be consumed within a week of one another. Doing so will decrease the users current elemental affinity by the same amount that would have been granted. Each time a fruit of the same affinity is eaten, the amount gained will decrease.

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