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Necrotic Blossom

Name: Necrotic Blossom

Availability: Rare+

Region: Graveyards, Tombs, and Crypts

Preparation: None

Cost: N/A

Description: The Necrotic Blossom is a very rare and mystical flower that grows exclusively in graveyards, tombs, and crypts in certain conditions. Its petals are dark and wilted, and its stem is twisted and gnarled, giving it a withered look even though it is very much alive. The Necrotic Blossom has the power to summon the dead even in its flowery form, constantly making undead zombies and skeletons around it in order to protect itself at all times, being able to summon up to 50 at a time. Many have tried harvesting it for its powers, however, the flower dies once it leaves the dirt it is in, making it difficult to get, it also constantly attacks the user so it is very hard to even reach.

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