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Psionic- Mind Block

Spell Power Ranking: C-B-A-S

Description: The user, or a target they touch, gains a silvery halo above their head, coating them in a veil of protective magic. While cast, the target becomes immune to mind reading, control, and divination(location magic)/tracking effects of equal or lower rank than the spell.

This spell can be cast at higher ranks, increasing the rank of effects it can block proportionally. The caster must be taught how to use higher ranks of the spell the same way new spells are taught, and can only start with higher ranks if their status would allow it.

Mana Cost: Medium-All

Limitations/Side Effects: Can be overpowered by effects of a higher rank than this spell. Doesn’t block illusion magic. Lasts 20 turns.

Cooldown: 10 turns

Requirements: None


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