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R - Horatie

Mineral Name: Horatie

Color: Light Cyan.

Mineral Location: Found within caves and underground pathways close to water.

Mineral Rarity: Rare

Moh Hardness Ranking: 8

Melting Point: 2500°C

Solubility: Insoluble

Market Value: 1 Gold.

Description: Horatie is a mineral that is commonly found on the back of a small goat-like stone creature, that varies in size depending on the amount of minerals on it. Despite the creature's ability to move and life-like appearance, the creature that the mineral grows on isn't alive in the slightest and has no form of consciousness aside from survival. Even though it is able to move and avoid people instinctively, it has no bodily functions, organs, or thought, it is much like a golem in existence expect they are not able to gain sentience. The mineral itself is often used for a variety of crafting due to its hard but flexible nature.

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