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R - Model V

Item Name: Model V

Market Region: Any area bar human clan

Item Rarity: Rare

Item Effect:

- It's a car, maxes out at 180MPH normally.

- Can overclock to 200MPH after a turn (1) charge-up, where it'll stay at 200MPH for three (3) turns and will require a four (4) turn cooldown.

- Can stop immediately without flipping over, essentially an E-Brake. Takes one (1) turn to activate, one (1) turn to work, and a two (2) turn cool-down. The button is found on the Dashboard

Item Limits:

- After overclocking it will require a four (4) turn cooldown

- After coming to a full-stop it will require a two (2) turn cooldown

Market Price: 13 Crystal

Extra: INTRODUCING THE BRAND NEW SGM MODEL V BABY! This bad boy looks like a old Ford model A but with a bed on the back, so more in tune with a Model A truck but more compact. The vehicle is made from cheap steel and weighs around a mere 2255 lbs. The car has wheels made with rubber connected to axles that are linked to the MCE that's found inside of it. The vehicle has a towing capacity of 250 LBs and it reaches a max speed of 180 MPH.

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