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Ritual - Enforced Night

Spell Power Ranking: A

Casters Required: 3 or more.

Description: By sacrificing a high volume of blood or blood highly potent in mana, up to 7.5 miles around the ritual is covered in a non-stop night. Clouds cover overhead, and the sun is incapable of shining through. Light magic is reduced by 60% within this zone, and dark magic is increased by 40%. Subtle fog is also potent at ground level.

Mana Cost: Very High

Limitations/Side Effects: Lasts for up to 1 week. The casters must stay concentrated the entire time this spell is going on.

Cooldown: 1 Week.

Requirements: Very high amounts of blood [hundreds of corpses] or moderate amounts of blood very potent with mana [Dozens of corpses].

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