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S - Awakened Blessing

Circle Name: Awakened Blessing

Circle Ranking: S

Circle Engraving: ប្រទានពរដល់ខ្ញុំដោយអំណាចនៃពិភពលោកខ្លួនឯង

Effect: Anything engraved with the circle, or within the area engraved with it, will have a boost in everything, resistances included, by 70% for as long as mana is supplied to it.

Required Mana Input: When engraved on an area and provided with mana, the circle will last until all entities leave it or no mana is left to supply it.

Limitations and Drawbacks: The more people within the area it is engraved, and the bigger the circle, the more mana it will cost to power it.

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