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S - Soul Reaper Technique

Name: Soul Reaper Technique

Technique Power Ranking: S

Description: The Soul Reaper Technique is a legendary and forbidden Ki Technique that is believed to only exist in tales and myths, it is a technique that delves into the realm of death and harnesses its power. It is a technique that enables the user to manipulate and control the essence of death, granting them deadly abilities and an intimate connection to the afterlife.


Stage One: To master this stage, the user must spend a considerable amount of time in complete darkness, meditating and embracing the essence of shadows. They must learn to attune their mana to the darkness and understand its connection to the realm of death.

Bonus: Grants the ability to blend into shadows, becoming nearly invisible in dimly lit areas.

Backlash: Increased sensitivity to light, causing temporary blindness when exposed to bright light.

Stage Two: In this stage, the user must commune with spirits of the deceased. Through rituals and intense meditation, they establish a connection with the dead, using this connection to interact with the dead.

Bonus: Ability to communicate and interact with spirits and souls, gaining knowledge from the departed.

Backlash: Heightened vulnerability to soul attacks and disturbances, making the user more susceptible to possession or spiritual manipulation.

Stage Three: To progress to this stage, the user must confront their own mortality and come face-to-face with the concept of death. They must overcome their fear and fully embrace death as a natural part of existence. They must die and return from death.

Bonus: Enhanced durability and resilience, granting partial immunity to physical and magical attacks.

Backlash: Heightened vulnerability to life-affirming magic, weakening the user in the presence of strong life forces.

Stage Four: The user must consume the souls of the dead, absorbing their souls and essence in order to fuel and empower themselves. In order to fully master this stage the user must eat enough essence and souls to change their form.

Bonus: Ability to eat souls and essence in order to heal and grow stronger. Able to make their own soul stronger than others.

Backlash: Mental Corruption.

Final Stage: In the final stage, the user becomes an embodiment of death itself, channeling the full power and authority of the Reaper. They transcend mortal limitations and become a bringer of fate and judgment.

Bonus: Unknown.

Backlash: Unknown.

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