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UC- Electric Potion

Market Region: All Rarity: Uncommon Item effects: Small Thrown - Will release electricity in close vicinity (1 meter in diameter). Power is close to that of a taser, it will stun/shock the average human, but not enough to kill them.

Drunk - Acts like a very strong energy drink, and tastes like bitter lemonade. Large Thrown/Drunk - Much like the small variant, will release its electricity around but in a larger diameter (3 meters). Powerful enough to kill (smaller, weaker ones) or highly damage average F-D fauna, possibly stun/shock C-rank for 1 or 2 turns. It can also be used to reanimate folk, but it’s risky and hard to do on large creatures. Item limits: - Risky to use in water/humid areas (chance of being shocked yourself). Extra: - Seems to always be in movement, even if its container is perfectly still. - Tastes bittersweet, and even has bubbles in it. Market Price: 1-2 Silver

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