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UC- Frost Potion

Market region: All. Item Effect: Frost potions can freeze themselves, so you can build walls/sculptures by slowly pouring it on the same place over and over. Small - Small frost potions aren’t very effective ; they just cool down whatever they touch. I guess you can use this if it’s hot during summer, or put it in a bag to keep the rest nice and cool. Medium - Freezes whatever it touches, at a temperature of -50°C. You can easily turn water into ice with this. Large - Freezes whatever it touches, at a temperature of -100°C. The ice produced can support being on fire for 2 turns before it starts melting. Item Limits: - Large potions are illegal and will only be found on the black market. - Large potions are so cold you can freeze yourself touching the bottle - if you don’t wear gloves. Extra: - The bottle is cold to the touch. - Tastes like mint, but with a greater “cold” effect. - Looks completely frozen inside, but flows just fine. Market Price: Small - 1 Silver Medium - 2 Silver Large - 3 Silver 40 copper

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