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Market Region: All Item Rarity: Uncommon: Standard Rare: Portable Item Effects: Based off the eyes of a Dragon and/or a specter, the M-Ray is a Lens like device that connects to the magic in the user’s sight, displaying mana and trails of mana in the area. This can be used to track the source of mana, identify signature mana (i.e see if it matches the same signature), and if the user is trained in its use, can be used to identify more general schools of mana or even determine how something magical works over a long period of exposure. Item Limits: - Relies on the intelligence of the user to interpret it and can only work as fast as the user can process. - Blocked by 2ft of stone, 4ft of normal material, or any amount of lead or illusions. - Standard M-Rays are not portable, being stationary, portable M-Rays are very fragile, and still require a free hand to hold. Extra: Originally used by artificers to both ensure their own mana circuits were done correctly and to scan unknown magic items, with the rise of new magics and the recent invention of the portable model, the M-Ray has become a staple in a number of fields, such as banking, detective work, security, and exploration. Price: 10 gold standard, 20 gold portable

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