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C- Handicapped Technique

Name: Handicapped Technique

Technique Power Ranking: C

Description: A swordsmanship style that focuses on using one arm with a bladed weapon. Often used by handicapped soldiers after being crippled in the field, embodying endurance and resolve through challenges.


Stage One: Learning this first stage must consist of spending 30 days using one arm only to do everything with your weapon. Swinging, carrying, drawing, etc. It must be your dominant hand, along with practicing 750 sword swings per day back to back in similar cadence with each other.

Bonus: The user's dominant arm becomes enhanced by 2x in all physical stats, along with the weapon they wield in that arm being increased by 2x in physical stats.

Backlash: Using a weapon in their other arm(s) becomes weakened, cut in effectiveness by half.

Stage Two: One must learn to go through trials of fire to further progress with this technique. They must find themselves in 5 near death situations within the next 50 days while trying their hardest and win all of them while only using one arm.

Bonus: The technique user's endurance increases by tenfold, allowing them to exert themselves a lot longer and gaining steel grade skin covering their dominant arm. The weapon they wield in that arm gains 2x durability, along with having an outline over their wielded weapon and arm.

Backlash: The user regenerates twice as slow from wounds.

Stage Three: To master the third stage of this technique, the user must learn how to fight with their weapon even while it is broken, chipped, or dulled. They must spend the next 25 days making 500 movements with their weapon as it is broken, understanding how it works when not in it's prime state.

Bonus: Their weapon gains more power the more the user is handicapped. Chips and breaks in their weapon will cause it to be more effective, surmounting to a total of 3x in all physical stats at the weapon's worst state, 2x with it being simply broken. Their weapon also gains a more intense aura over it the more damaged it, and the user is.

Backlash: The user becomes incapable of using their free arm(s) effectively, even in passive mannerisms. They also find it impossible to wield any more weapons than 1.

Stage Four: To master the fourth and final stage of this technique, the user must fully understand their weapon, projecting their own understanding through the weapon. Concentrating to enforce their very will through their weapon.

Bonus: This allows the user's weapon and dominant arm to have their physical stats increased by 3x, along with their magical stats when channeled over their weapon and arm by 2x. Their arm is covered in an aura when using this technique, allowing it to look like it's ethereally on fire.

Backlash: They must give up all other arms to keep this stage of the technique, along with being blinded in one eye.

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