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B- Rising Petals Technique

Name: Rising Petals Technique

Technique Power Ranking: B

Description: The next step in the path of becoming one with the flow of wind, coming from the highest peaks of Shinseina. It was created by a wandering swordsman who was known for his techniques smelling like the pink petals that are scattered around the world. This is mainly used by sword and spear wielders, who specialize in pairing their attacks with Air Magic.


Stage One: To master the first stage of the Rising Petals technique, one must first have mastered at least the second stage of the Personification of Wind Technique, knowing the chaotic winds can be controlled as long as you can deal with its flow. After that, they must mask themselves in the scent of plum blossoms while empowering their sword attacks with the scented air around them. Doing this training for 30 days straight, never letting the scent of plum blossoms leave them.

Bonus: The user can pick out certain scents from others, being that of a fauna's or a person's, and can track it for as far as the winds take them. Their understanding of scent and Air have increased, also increasing their Air Magic usage by 2x and any sword attacks used with the combination of the plum blossom scent by the same amount.

Backlash: Every attack the user makes with Air Magic leaves a mystical scent of plum blossoms, and mostly overrides their scent of smell with it as well, not letting them smell most mundane things unless they focus on a certain thing. Even more powerful attacks leave a trail of visible scents and can be easily counteracted if the opponent can recognize the patterns.

Stage Two: After mastering the first stage of the Rising Petals Technique, the user has learned the scent and power of extruding the scent of plum blossoms, but now the user has to learn what the meaning behind the plum blossom is, and learn why it flows with the practices of the blade. After that, they have to use the final stage technique of the Personification of Wind and learn how to use the scent of plum blossoms to attack while in the wind elemental form.

Bonus: The user's wind elemental form is boosted to have 3x the stats while in the form, and learns how to solidify the scent of plum blossoms, making solid attacks with it and making techniques with it.

Backlash: The user cannot use attacks without the scent of plum blossoms, and average attacks now carry the visible scent of plum blossoms, making their fast attacks predictable to those who can react quicker to them.

Final Stage: The last stage of the Rising Petals Technique, requires the user to surround themselves with the solidified air created by the scent of plum blossoms for a week straight, never letting down their magic nor the scent, or else they would have to start over once more. It is difficult to master the final stage since the magic usage is equivalent to keeping a B ranked spell up for a week, but can be kept up with outward mana supplies. Any outside attacks made with stronger wind also disperses the barrier, and counts as a failure.

Bonus: Everything about the user is surrounded by air, having a barrier always around them that is half of their durability. Each attack made with Air Magic or a blade weapon is empowered by 5x and increases the durability by half of the affinity of the user's Air Magic, since it covers every aspect of the person. Their attack speed is also boosted by 4x and sense related stats by 2.5x.

Backlash: The user cannot survive without the passage of air, so within air-sealed rooms or places with low wind, the user suffers a halved stat weakness to every stat, and lose the natural shield made by the byproduct of mastering the final stage.

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