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A- Soul Projection

Name: Soul Projection

Technique Power Ranking: A

Description: Soul Projection is a method of training one's soul into a hardened internal and external exertion. Refining and projecting it in various ways, though in some ways changing their very being. Considered heretical to Kanti as messing with Kami's creation should never be done. Due to this, the technique has been snuffed into extreme rarity from the heresy it was deemed.


Stage One: One must first grow an understanding of souls, especially their own. Being in tune with what their soul is, the very essence of it. To master it, one has to find a way to refine their mind's connection to the soul. Due to how every soul is different, the method of doing this is different for every soul.

Bonus: Mastering this stage grants the user a direct connection to their soul, being able to have complete awareness of it, the effects on it, and are even able to interact and see other souls.

Backlash: Mastering this stage causes wounds to their soul, or any influence on it, to have a more palpable effect on the mind. What would be a scratch to the soul would be an impalement to their brain.

Stage Two: Once mastering the first stage, refining the soul is what is required. Spending time embodying the key aspects of their soul, which can vary per individual. The user must overcome their internal shackles, such as emotional or material connections.

Bonus: The user's soul becomes extremely refined, allowing them to resist the pull of death even with terrible wounds induced on them. Affecting their soul is also incredibly difficult, even for highly dangerous magic. This also allows for minor recovery of their soul, healing what would be considered minor wounds to it.

Backlash: Learning other Ki paths becomes much more difficult, especially ones that involve embodying something.

Stage Three: Upon reaching the third stage, the user must learn how to project their soul. Their body, mind, and spirit must be strong enough to handle it. How this is done is different per soul, with methods of projection being more tailored to the individual's mindset and soul itself.

Bonus: The user is able to project their soul over them, covering them in a transparent self-projection strong enough to violently lower damage to the soul and physical damage by up to 75%. Their soul's power is increased enough to be strong tailored to their body and even able to recover from soul damage over time, similar to demon regeneration.

Backlash: Due to the projection of their soul, they will be targeted by Soul Hungry entities constantly. Like a walking meal, waiting to be taken from this realm.

Stage Four: Once projecting is unlocked, the user must spend the next 75 days with their soul constantly projected. Even in their sleep, keeping the projection up and refining their ability to do so. Their

Bonus: Upon mastering this stage, the user's soul will become capable of absorbing ambient mana almost instantly within a 40 meter range. Along with having their soul reach such a height, even mythical entities would have to put in effort to influence their soul, cutting magic affecting their soul by 40%. The attachment this has to one's physical form would be considered heretical, able to in some cases deny death for an extended period of time.

Backlash: The user's life is lowered exponentially, turning even immortal kinds into a lifespan of 10 years.

Stage Five: The final stage of this technique. Accomplishing it is near impossible, with it opening the manipulation of one's soul. How to achieve this is unknown, as only two individuals are rumored to have ever achieved this stage.

Bonus: Unknown

Backlash: Permanent/true death, obliteration and implosion of one's very essence and soul.

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