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B- Temperament of the Berserker

Name: Temperament of the Berserker

Technique Power Ranking: B

Description: This technique is one that utilizes rage to empower the user temporarily, enhancing their capabilities beyond their normal limits. This technique is often shunned because of how dangerous it can become, as well as the state it puts the user in.


Stage 1: The first stage requires the user to study themselves and meditate to understand what anger is, what it is that causes them to become angry, and why it truly angers them.

Bonus: Whilst in a rage state, the user's eyes will become a glowing red, and their strength and speed increase by 2x.

Backlash: The user loses stamina 30% faster than they would normally due to exerting themselves more during their rage. If the user runs out of stamina to support their rage, they will lose their rage state and be unable to become angry for 10 turns. Once the user is no longer angry, they will be extremely exhausted until they properly recover their stamina.

Stage 2: The second stage requires the user to actively make themselves angry for extended periods of time until their body recognizes their anger as the normal state of their mind and body.

Bonus: The boost from becoming angry increases to 6x in all physical and magical attributes, including defense. Their rage state also causes their skin to become a slight red as well. Steam will also emit from their body.

Backlash: The user may get upset at some of the most minor things, such as losing a pencil or tripping over a rock. All other emotions will be dulled as well.

Stage 3: The third stage requires the user to witness a tragedy that causes their mental resolve to break, causing them to lose their mind and plunge themselves into conflict with incredible recklessness.

Bonus: The boost from becoming angry increases to 10x in all physical and magical attributes. During the rage state, the user's whole body will become a glowing crimson red, including their hair, clothes, and anything they are holding or wearing.

Backlash: The user will lose all of their proper knowledge whilst in the rage state, causing them to be unable to form strategies and act on primal instinct. The user will lose the ability to speak and use weapons that require a lot of concentration. Lastly, the user will no longer be able to use spells that do not directly deal damage whilst in the rage state.

Final Stage: The final stage is the result of the user staying in their rage state for even more extended periods of time and exerting as much energy as possible into their surroundings until they tire themselves out on multiple occasions. Due to the nature of this stage, most of those who reach it often die due to exhaustion.

Bonus: The boost from becoming angry increases to 16x the user's base physical and magical stats.

Backlash: Once the user enters their rage state, they will become unable to calm down until all of their energy is exhausted and they pass out, or until they are incapacitated. They will be unable to discern friend from foe. They may destroy their surroundings to lose all of this energy.

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