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S- Inner World Technique

Name: Inner World Technique

Technique Power Ranking: S

Description: The Inner World Technique is a very complex and very rare technique that is said to have only a few copies ever printed in existence, and even then, each copy is written in the tongue of the ancients so reading it is very difficult. The technique itself is believed to have been created with the premise of godhood in mind, however, it wasn't able to accomplish that even with how powerful it ended up. Nonetheless, the technique is very powerful, being able to create an artificial inner world within a person's mind, that they are able to interact with.


Stage One: To master the first stage the user must first understand the depths of their mind, finding a way to not only reinforce it but also clear it in such a way that they are able to interact with it clearly, freely being able to enter and exist their own mind plane.

Bonus: The user will have access to their mind plane, a place where they can do whatever they like.

Backlash: The mindplane is a fragile state, they are unable to bring other things inside of it besides themselves and anything within it is merely an illusion of the mind.

Stage Two: To master the second stage the user must first start to form a world within their mind plane, something that may sound easy to do but is very complex and complicated, often taking a very long time to do so. Needing to completely add all the details of the ground, air, sun, moon, nature, elements, and all.

Bonus: The user will have their inner world created to a basic extent when they finish building it, by doing so they are able to bring in non-magical animals into the world and have them live their.

Backlash: The inner world is very delicate during this process, any sort of mental backlash or injure can cause the world to shatter and for them to go mad. They are unable to bring in anything besides basic animals into the world.

Stage Three: To master the third stage the user must grow their inner world with life, bring in many animals and allow them to prosper on their own, as they do so will the world. Growing more detailed and complex as time goes on.

Bonus: The user is able to bring in magical creatures into their inner world once they master this stage, with the progress of the stage dedicating the level of creatures they can bring in.

Backlash: The stronger the magical creature the more likely the world will be damaged from trying to bring them in, with the progress of the world dictating the level of creatures allowed in. If the magical creatures injure the world it can injure the user.

Stage Four: To master the fourth stage the user must impose the concept of laws into their inner world, laws are a complex and complicated matter that is hard to understand, something that only Demi-Gods are believed to be able to oversee.

Bonus: Once this stage is mastered they will be able to bring other people within their inner world.

Backlash: If the person they bring in damages the world, they will suffer damage.

Stage Five: Unknown.

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