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C- Quicksilver Draw Technique

Name: Quicksilver Draw Technique

Technique Power Ranking: C

Description: A swordsmanship style focused on quick, rapid slashes that end up re-sheathing the blade after every technique. A difficult but learnable artform.


Stage One: To master this first form, one must practice honing their sword drawing skills. Practicing various slashes from the sword's sheathe surmounting to 750 times per day for 30 days straight. Every slash must re-sheathe the sword immediately after.

Bonus: Attacks from the sword during the turn it was taken out of it's sheathe will have 3x their speed and 2x their power, increasing the swordsman's reaction time by double during that turn as well.

Backlash: Movements with the user's sword while not having been drawn from their sheathe during that turn are cut in half in speed and cutting power.

Stage Two: To master the second form, one must spend time in constant motion with their weapon sheathed. Only drawing it once every day for 50 days and quickly re-sheathing it right after. This slash they do must be perfect, concentrated, and with purpose. Messing this up will reset their progress.

Bonus: Once per 5 turns, the user is able to draw their sword in a slash that bolsters the speed of the sword by 5x, while doubling magic damage of the slash if it has any. When drawn from their sheathe, the sword is covered in what seems like an aura colored of their choice over the blade and sheathe mouth.

Backlash: Utilizing other forms of combat becomes incredibly difficult to learn, along with locking the skill of using other weapons and weapon-based techniques to at most a town guard's skill.

Stage Three: The third stage of this technique is learning how to chain slashes rapidly when unsheathing their weapon. One must practice drawing the sword and having 5 slashes in the same turn in rapid succession before re-sheathing it immediately after. This must be practiced 500 times per day for 30 days.

Bonus: Every slash of their weapon makes the next deal 1.5x more damage per hit during that turn when their sword is drawn. This resets when sheathed. When drawn, the sword along with the user's eyes gain a colored flare to them.

Backlash: After the 3rd slash of their weapon after being drawn from their sheathe, the sword will start degrading in performance by 1.5x per movement, resetting when sheathed. The user has their base movement speed decreased by 30%.

Stage Four: The final stage to this technique is learning how to draw combatively from a sitting position. The user must be in a meditative position for 40 days, not breaking concentration nor sleeping. They may not eat during this time either, starving themselves if they are capable of it. Five times per day, they must practice making 10 consecutive slashes while moving to a stand and drawing the sword from the sheathe, re-sheathing it immediately after and returning to their sitting position. They must practice this movement 5 times per day.

Bonus: Slashing from a still position, such as not being in motion, will allow the user to have their speed of draw accelerated by 3x what it should be, along with motion accelerated by 5x while moving to stand. Their reaction time becomes enhanced by 5x, and while drawing their sword a large flowing aura is gained over the sword, like it's been drenched in energy.

Backlash: Their sword and sheathe are connected to the user, damaging them such as chipping or dulling will directly reflect on their physical and mental status. Their movement speed with the sword drawn not in the same turn of it being drawn is debuffed by 50%.

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