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Name: XYX-loming

Availability: Rare

Region: Forests, Jungles, and other areas with dense vegetation.

Preparation: The flower must be consumed in its raw form.

Cost: 10 Gold

Description: The XYX-loming is a rare flower that can be found in dense forests and jungles, and other very densely vegetated areas that are filled with clean mana. It is known for its unique ability to cause the consumer to undergo self-multiplication, allowing their body to split into 4 different clones much like a slime can split their body. The clones all last for 15 turns before vanishing, each possessing the same skills, knowledge, and physical capabilities as the original, however, they posses no mana or magical capabilities. After the clones disappear, the consumer will feel weakened and exhausted due to the sudden backlash of gaining all the clone's information at once and will need time to recover before using the XYX-loming's power again.

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