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Beast Encyclopedia 



There are many beast-related or oriented races that exist on Shinseina, in fact, so many varieties of the beast-related races exist, that they are one of the main clans that rule and exist in the world. Beast-related races are generally classified as people that are a mixture of animalistic creatures and humanoid forms, often leading to beast-like attributes and skills. Most of the beast-related races were created by the Gods alongside many of the other races, the ones that were not created directly by the Gods, simply evolved into the races we know today from ancient races that roamed the world.






While most of the beast-related races due tend to each have their unique abilities and weaknesses, most of the races have some things that are in common. Below is a list of abilities that most, if not all, beast-related races have:


  • Animalistic - Each beast race is different from the other, however, they all have a common link to an animal. Each is mixed with different animal DNA giving them the abilities of that animal, which may vary from animal to animal. Some can gain speed, strength, healing, flight, water breathing, and so on.

  • Animal-Features - Some with prominent animal DNA develop some of the animal’s parts that they can control at will. Such things as tails, ears, teeth, and much more. There are even some that are more animal than humanoid, making them even have fur or other such features.

  • Venomous Bite  - An ability that they evolved over time to fight vampires so that they can be in an equal setting. This allows them to bite, and in some cases scratch, a Vampiric Race and infect the wound with a venom that slows the healing process of the person. This venom usually takes a few hours to naturally leave the infected person's body, but if concentrated, can kill a vampire.

  • Instincts - Much like animals, they have primal instincts that take over when put into certain situations. The most prominent being survival, making them very dangerous when backed into a situation in which they could die.





While most of the beast-related races have weaknesses that are related to their own races, they tend to be a few common weaknesses they all possess. Below is a list of some common weaknesses:



  • Silver - Silver can burn them upon contact, and wounds caused by silver takes longer to heal. Silver is generally disliked amongst the beast-related races, and using it against them will activate their instincts.

  • Animalistic-Weakness - Due to being part animal and gaining the abilities of that animal, they also gain a lot of the disadvantages of it as well. A lot retain the prominent weakness of the animal they are part of, while others develop a weakness that has to do with said animal.

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