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Extra Lore

Extra lore for Shinseina, things that happen throughout the world or may be important to know in the world.

Beast Clan Cities

Erufu Village - Erufu village while located within the Beast Clan territory and technically under their banner, is not actually a village controlled by the Beast Clan. Instead, Erufu village was made by and is run by, Elves that have settled within the forest for hundreds of years. 


Due to the fact that the Elves fall under the Banner of the Human Clan, the debate over who rules them has been in question for many years, but overall the Beast Clan has won, and claimed rule over them, under the logic that the village is within their lands. Human Clan hasn’t refuted this claim because of the issues it would cause to claim a village that is within the other clan’s territory.


Thus, the Elven village was made to follow the Beast Clan rule, with them still holding a form of independence unless an order is given. 


Making a village of their own amongst the large trees of the forest, that specializes in the growing of flora, and the farming of animals. 


While they were originally a very closed-off community, in recent years they have opened their gates to the people in order to visit, turning some of their famous things into tourist spots.

Mizumi Kingdom - A subsidiary of the Beast Kingdom, the Mizumi Kingdom, stands on the North-Western edge of Shinseina. Its spot makes it a prime candidate for all jobs relating to the Ocean. As such, they typically lead expeditions for remains of the Kraken, materials within the Sea, and so on. At the same time, this Kingdom prides itself as a vacation spot for many of the wealthier members of society but offers exciting things for the less fortunate to take part in.


This Kingdom is led by a ruler, hand appointed by the current ruler of the Beast Clan. 


The Kingdom seems to be nearly spotless as it employs many people to ensure that the Kingdom is kept tidy. As it gains a majority of its funds from offering luxurious vacation areas to the Nobles of Shinseina, but also offering resorts, tours of the ocean, and many more exciting things for all to take part in.

Human Clan Cities

Yokoso City - Yokoso City, the tech capital of Shinseina. It is located within the Human Clan territory and is one of its many branches. While the City may be relatively new compared to the others, the history of this city is by no means poor.


Yokoso City began as a small unassuming village where there was not much happening. It even had a different name back then that is said to be lost in records. What changed, however, was the birth of one man. A man by the name of Darvon Malcom, a genius that changed not only the small fate of his tiny village but the state of the world itself.


See Darvon Malcom was a man that craved knowledge, he sought to create, and this mindset cemented his name in history as the leading creator of Mana-Tech. This very process began in his small village before moving to bigger heights, yet he never forgot about the place he was born.


With his technology, he innovated his tiny village, changing it from the unknown place it was before that could easily be overlooked, to the tech center of the world it is today. Most of the Human Clan’s innovations of new technology happen at this very place, with it housing the world’s largest collection of researchers, engineers, and professionals in such fields. 


Thanks to the constant influx of scholars from around the world, and the constant creation of new innovating technology, the city grew in the economic field to the powerhouse it is today. Even outclassing Subete in terms of raw technology, modernization, and wealth per capital. To visit the city cost hundreds, and to live in it requires you to either be in the top 10% of the world or to be a great researcher in your field of studies.



Nowadays Yokoso City is well known throughout all of Shinseina as all business and economy-related stuff is done there. CEOs, Nobility, and executives all come to Yokoso in order to make a profit, find investing opportunities, or discuss important matters.


Yokoso City is also heavily advertised due to the insane money requirement its massive development took. The rich people live very well in Yokoso City. 


However, to every action is there an opposite reaction. Yokoso City is also known for its popular black market. Selling mostly illegal robotic parts and forbidden spells and potions. 


Ordinary people have a hard time living in Yokoso City as the rent is expensive and the cost of living constantly changes. It's tough to make a living and the labor is hard.

Tetsu Fort City - Tetsu Fort is one of the Human Clan’s main cities and their main frontal defense against any attempt to enter their land from the mountainside. It is a large Fortress that is home to one of the main military bases of the human clan. 


Surrounded by large walls made of cement and steel, they are thick enough to stop even the charge of a Druhorn, with a large drop bridge that acts as the only way in and out of the fort. This gate is protected by the best the fort can offer, with it open at all times unless there is an emergency.


After years passed of no war, the fort slowly allowed the entry of people that sought to pass the borders while also having a place to rest from the monsters that littered the lands. Yet they didn’t allow anyone that wasn’t a soldier to live here.

Inns were made for people to allow staying for a few days before leaving, and markets were even permitted to be set up but none of the merchants were allowed to stay for longer than a month at a time.

It was a place meant to be a temporary stop, ruled by military power.


Even to this day even though they are laxer with how long you can stay there, they remain as a military-focused city and a fort to defend the clan from any invading armies that may cross its path.

Until it was destroyed and suddenly changed greatly.

Vampire Clan Cities

Nox City - Nox City is one of the oldest Vampire Clan cities aside from their capital Tenebris. Made as a border city that is placed in a strategic location near the borders of both the Human Clan and Beast Clan, the city acts not only as a trade hub but also as a frontline defense.

Built many hundreds of years ago, the city is made into the side of a mountain— with half of it being within the mountain itself and the other half being around and on it.

Thanks to this structure the city is able to house many buildings within a smaller space by simply building up or down the sides of the mountain. The main layout of the city was built in an L-shape shape so it can be easily defended by both sides of the mountain. With the main entrance to the city being at the bottom where the streets are wide enough to allow for carts and wagons to travel through.

Its location itself is a strategic location. Nox City has a very unique method of defense against enemies such as Humans and Beasts. Thanks to the city being surrounded by mountains that run all the way down to the ocean making it impossible to invade the city without going through these mountains first, it's designed in such a way that knights can attack from within the mountains rather than having to face them head-on.

Sanguis Port City - As the name would suggest, Sanguis is a port city that is built at the very edge of the Vampire Clan’s land territory, allowing it easy access to the open ocean next to it. This allows them to make full use of the ocean and its resources to further their needs. 


While the city does have a lot of fishermen and does business by trading or selling fish and other sea creatures, this isn’t the main focus of the city due to the fact that most of the Vampire Clan do not need that to survive, instead, the main purpose of the city is trade.


The city has established ship routes that lead to all the other clans, be it the Demon Clan their closest ally, or even the Beast Clan. Allow them to trade items and goods throughout the entire world.


Due to this fact, Sanguis city is one of the world’s biggest trade centers, with goods of all types, from all over the world found in this one place. Even merchants come to the place often to sell or even buy goods.

Demon Clan Cities

Ruina Kingdom - As it would suggest from both the name and look of the place, Ruina Kingdom is a Kingdom that belongs to the Demon Clan and is within their territory, that is built on, around, and within the ruins of a fallen kingdom from long ago.


The past of the ruins it is built on isn't exactly known, however many researchers suggest that the ruins are over six thousand years old, with some even suggesting that the ruins date back to some of the first civilizations to exist, however with no way of confirming this it is left as rumors that act as a tourist attraction for the kingdom.


Combining the location of the kingdom along with the thing located next to it, the one-of-a-kind creation known as the Slumbering Goliath, the kingdom is a tourist destination for anyone interested in seeing such wonders. Thanks to all of this, the kingdom is a hotspot for tourism, adventuring, and merchants.


The region itself consists of a large desert that stretches out for miles with the main central area being near a river. This river acts as the main water source for the entire kingdom, with most, if not all, of the water stemming from this river.

Oceanus Kingdom - The Oceanus Kingdom is one of the few kingdoms that are built near the ocean, taking on a whole new meaning to this and being built both above, and under, the ocean. Making it so the Kingdom is the perfect port kingdom that specializes in all forms of boat-related activities. 


From fishing, to trade, the kingdom acts as a major hub for all boats that intend to pass its land. With most boats that pass it stopped there in order to restock whenever they need to.


The Oceanus Kingdom is also home to a wide range of sea-folks, and while they aren’t officially Demon Clan members, they are allowed to live there anyway due to the way it was built, with a large portion of the kingdom being under the water.



Modern technology such as phones, plumbing, electricity, and just about everything else is powered, created, and dependent on magic. 

This is called Magi-Tech. 

Magi-tech does not have the same circuits and programming languages that we know of but instead runs on coding similar to runes and spell language. Operating off of mana crystals, enchantments, magical craftmanship, and other fantastical means. 

These utilities have fantasy 'tints' or 'aesthetics' to them. Commonly looking rather different from how it would normally look on earth, with the technological parts replaced by magical ones.

Operating and creating Magi-tech is much harder than you would expect, with the world having a much smaller population of engineers that is capable of doing it than you would think.

This is due to how specific and detailed the creation of Magi-tech is, usually taking years to master the practice and even more to put it into action. 

Cities have modern technology with various involvement of tech depending on the city, with some having more than others, or some not even having any.

Villages and outlying lands sharply lose the prevalence of Magi-tech to almost none. With them simply lacking the wealth or access to buy Magi-tech.

Magi-tech is quite expensive to afford, with most ones available to the public being the ones that are mass-produced, and even then they are rather expensive. 

Nobles and the rich are the only ones that are truly able to afford the luxury of Magi-tech.




Cars, trains, planes, and other such means of travel do not exist in Shinseina. 

Instead carriages are the main form of transport, with some being magically enhanced or powered but this is often exclusive to nobility or companies that rent it at a high price to commoners.

Outside of cities, main roads are usually stone or dirt paths that have varying degrees of safety. As expected in a world of mythical beasts, loose chaotic bandits, and uncertainty with every mile, straying off main roads is dangerous for those unprepared. 

Long-distance traveling is often limited to the portals that are available for public usage, often with a small travel fee to be used that is imposed by the clans.

Another means of long-distance transport is flying ships, which are rather expensive and often limited to the rich, but are the safest when it comes to actually traveling a long distance.

Boats exist, but it is often considered dangerous to use them to travel far from shore due to how dangerous the ocean is, with a large portion of it being truly unexplored and recorded due to the difficulty in doing so.




Guns, tanks, rockets, and other modern ballistics and explosives do not exist in Shinseina. Almost all combat is in the medieval era, with magic being a major influence on conflicts. 

Progression of such technology has been largely halted due to the lack of a need for them when magic being an easier counterpart for it that already exist.

With enchanted bows, enchanted catapults, and even armored ships working just as fine, if not better.



 Robots and Cybernetics 

While magi-tech constructs and cyborgs do exist in Shinseina, they are very rare. 

Cyborgs are almost monopolized in the human clan due to their technological prowess and capabilities, with it being the only clan that could truly produce it to the level that even commoners would be able to afford it.

And while other clans can also provide it, it is often much more expensive and not available to people that aren't worth wasting the technology on, with nobles and the rich being the ones that can easily access it.

Magi-tech Constructs are even more expensive and difficult to create consistently, with the human clan being at the forefront in it and even then only nobles are capable of creating robots with their technology, and other clans being quite limited in it as well.

While magi-tech involvement in a person can open many doors and opportunities, it has a negative effect on one's magic capabilities. As magic comes from the user, with every cybernetic implant the user can lose 5% - 20% of their total magic capabilities this is due to the simple fact that the technology needs to siphon this mana in order to function properly. 

These vary to the degree of based on the Magi-tech's quantity and quality, but always degrade the user's magical capabilities in some fashion.

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