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Event Timeline

Types of Events:


There are two types of events that will occur in the server, Main Events (ME) and Side Events (SE). 

  • Main Events - Main events are events that are important to the plot or to the world itself. Main events will often change the world around it or the people in it. Most main events are linked to each other, meaning one would often lead to another and/or have meaning to another. 

  • Side Events - Side events are events that will not affect the world as a whole or have any sort of intertwining plot to it. These Events are often just for some fun, relaxation, or to give out rewards. In all events, whether it be ME or SE, you can win both rewards and progress your character as you see fit.



Main Events Past:


This will be a list of all the Main Events that have happened so far, along with a short summary and how they intertwine with each other. May include the effect it made on the world.

  • Ragnarok's Awakening:

Ragnarok was a dragon that was sealed away thousands of years ago because of how aggressive it was. This event showed how the seal grew weak and the dragon was able to break out and rain havoc on the places around it. It was later sealed once more thanks to the help of roleplayers and the Dragon Queen.
Ragnarok affected the world as it was rampaging by destroying the swamplands and forever changing it into the now corrupted state. He also opened the hole to the Dragon Realm.

  • Seven Sins:

The Seven Sins were somehow released from their seals where they have been trapped for thousands of years, so long in fact they were lost to history.

However with the warning of the Dragon Queen, and the closing of the Dragon Realm to protect itself, the Sins came forth onto Shinseina in full glory.
From heartbreak to might battles, the Sins caused many, yet like all things it too soon came to an end.

With the Sins falling and Shinseina once again winning.

The opening of Eden due to the Cores of the Sins being collected.

  • Island of Eden:

After the fall of the sins, a voice in the sky that claimed to be God rewarded the people of the world by sending them a message and granting them access to Eden, the origin of all magic.

"To all people of Shinseina.

I am the one you call God.


By killing your Sins— you have proven that you are more than what they make you. 

By killing your Sins— you have proven that you are worthy of being blessed.

For this task, you will be rewarded.

The Tree of Mana— the core of all Mana in the world— beginning of all magic.

This will once again be revealed for you to receive— if you can get it."

And while the Event started quite peaceful, with people struggling and eventually getting to the massive island of Eden that lingered above the clouds, it soon turned for the worse after an individual by the name of Wayko, made it to the Tree of Origin. A tree that is the source of all mana in the world, and the origin of magic as we know it.

This person broke a mere branch from the tree, yet this broken branch caused rippling effects that even they didn't know would happen, from mana stopping for a split second, to all magic weakening over time.

Thankfully, another person by the name of Joy made it to the tree in time to fix it, using his ability to rewind time, along with the aid of the Pagan Gods, and the Mana from the tree, he fixed the branch, and made it so mana would slowly fix itself.

However, he was too late to stop Wayko, or get back the broken branch from them. For whatever they needed it for.

After all this happened, beings that are claiming to be Angels appeared on the island, capturing the Keeper of the Tree, the Embodiment of Eden, and returning to the realm they came from.

Causing Eden to vanish once again.

Effect: Eden Vanishing, Angels making an appearance.


  •      World Will Awaking:

After the four years in which the world woke up, the Realm started to change, or more so, it started to reveal more of itself. New islands, new lands, and realms have arrived off the main continent. Some are far more known than others, as even to the present day, many haven't been found. New creatures have started to be found throughout the world, more than that, throughout the realms. The new islands house new prospects of power and knowledge. 

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