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The general lore of Shinseina, written from the perspective of the author, William Wixon, a great historian who went missing one day.


[History Of The World: First Edition - William Wixcon]


[Chapter One] - Creation

It is believed by many that in the beginning, before life itself even began, before even the vastness of the cosmos took shape, there was nothing but endless emptiness that was deemed the Void. The ocean of endless emptiness was dynamic and ever-shifting. Yet as it expanded in the infinite nothingness, it grew ever more powerful within. Between these vines of strength caused by the expansions, a new power coalesced and came to be; this power had no true form, at least none we can comprehend, but it was conscious, alive so to speak. This power was referred to, by the people of this world, as God or Kami.


Kami drifted through the empty Void, growing bored as the first concept of 'time' began to pass. The more they got bored, the more they felt a growing emptiness inside themself and in the Void itself, this emptiness filled Kami with an urge to fill it, to see just what it would take to make it interesting; they yearned for beings to spend time with.

So, with their being and power, they bent and shaped reality, molding their Son and Daughter into existence.

The Son was considered the God of Destruction, Yomoko.

The Daughter was considered the Goddess of Creation, Shina.

These three lived together in the Void for a long time, but once again as time flowed, they started to yearn for more, believing it was far too empty as it was. They decided to create more, to create everything they wanted; they used their power to create the vast universe itself and all the worlds in it. 

One particular world they spent the most time on, carving and detailing everything of it, was called Shinseina. Piece by piece they spent time making it, the elements, the clouds, the stars, the moon and sun, the beautiful flora that covers the biosphere. They did all of it to fill the emptiness that they felt within and outward.

They were satisfied for a while with how Shinseina was coming to be, until they looked closely at it, feeling as if something was missing from it. A being similar in lifeform to the Gods but not as powerful, as to protect the world itself. So, Shina proposed an idea, she wanted to create life, Kami allowed her to do as she wished and so she began small. The first organisms and forms of life began to take shape, filling the massive lands and oceans of the world. The more time went on, the more Kami found how fun it was to create living things from watching their Daughter make things. Eventually, they got tired of making such small, mindless creatures that lived only to eat, reproduce, and then die, without doing more, without purpose.

Kami wanted a being like themself in mind and consciousness, one that was truly alive and had a purpose. A living, thinking being that was not powerful but was capable of free thought and decisions. Thus, they created the template for most conscious life, Humans. Humans were the starting piece for all other races and the first race to walk the world. 

The Gods were very fond of the humans, so they gave humans the strength to persevere through the harsh climates in which the world held in its infancy. The humans, and the other races, began to populate and grow under the hidden watchful eye of the Gods.​



[Chapter Two] - God's Blessing

Embracing more forms of life, Kami began to take inspiration from their own godly world to create more races. Using the body templates of humans as a starting point for the others, they created the Angels, the Demons, the Beastmen, and many more marvelous races, all blessed with their meticulous grace. Born with a breadth of magic and life, Shinseina is now populated by many races, both living and dead, a haven for the diverse and a home for all.

Kami gifted the world, in which they were proud of, what came to be known as "God's Blessing" -- a fruit, when eaten, granted each person magical abilities of their own, to control the mana that flowed around and within them; allowing them to fit into the fantasy-like world around them and do amazing things, and survive much easier. The fruit also gave them the ability to speak the same native language, "Temara" (Basically this world's English) so that all his beloved creations could interact and grow together.


As time went by, and the DNA of the "God's Blessing" spread by reproduction into the bustling civilization of today, magic became everyday normality, being used for work and recreation alike, its a basic need and can be found everywhere and in all forms, however, people without magic aren't uncommon in this world, with even them finding their own way to survive and enjoy the many accommodations the world have to offer.



[Chapter Three] - The    World

Shinseina is a vast world that consists of many things, some of which include grand oceans, all of which are decorated with marvelous coral reefs and aquatic plants that make it perfectly brimming with iridescent fish and other watery depths dwellers. Its seemingly endless depths still elude people even to this day.

There is even a desert that is hellishly hot during the day, where little precipitation occurs, and at night drops to freezing temperatures that no ordinary man can survive. The place is constantly faced with harsh environments making it extremely difficult for most flora and fauna to survive. The lack of vegetation exposes the unprotected surface of the ground to the processes of denudation, making it either completely arid or semi-arid.

Even though such harsh lands there still happens to be a lush and thriving magical forest, mysterious hazy mist included. Its canopy consists of chestnut, spruce, and birch, which stretch magnificently into the sky with its lush branches filled with leaves, allowing just enough light to litter the ground below. Vibrant plants take advantage of the light to grow and dominate the lands below the trees, truly forming a flourishing forest. The complexion of the forest is certainly an epitome of wildlife; roars, and calls never ceasing day and night.


But most importantly, in Shinseina there are many cities and towns, filled with people of all races, creeds, and nationalities. Every place bustling and hustling with life big and small, be it the land, the air, or the sea.​


[Chapter Four] - God's Mark



A long time ago when the Clans that resided on Shinseina were first beginning to form, they were chaotic. People didn't want to listen to the Rulers, people rebelled, and constant attempts to overthrow the Rulers were always happening. This was when Kami decided to put an end to this and properly bring order to the people. Kami intervened in the world and created a symbol that would come to be known as the 'King's Mark'.


This symbol was granted to the Four Kings of the Four Great Clans; The Human Clan, The Demon Clan, The Beast Clan, and The Vampire Clan. With this mark, the Kings had absolute authority within their domain, and no citizen could go against them. This was made to show that they had been entrusted by the Gods with this position and to stop all attempts to usurp them. If a King were to die, then their next in line child shall inherit their position if they are worthy of it. Should the King have no direct family members, the Gods will grant the mark to a person they deem worthy.​


[Chapter Five] - The First Great War: 3710 Years Ago

The Four Great Clans were the largest and most powerful in all of Shinseina. They owned massive cities and lands which were populated by many people, animals, and things; the cities were always flourishing, filled with beautiful buildings and festivities that couldn't be found anywhere else. The Rulers govern with an iron fist and gentle heart, making sure their people came above all else; this is what truly made the Clans superior to all else.


Unfortunately, just like all cultures with opposing rulers, and lands that were ever-expanding, war emerged. Caused by the foolish hatred from the 2nd Beast King Marculas, he attacked the Vampire Clan and slaughtered many of the people, out of pure hatred for their kind and in an attempt to overthrow their King and take power. At this point in time, the Vampire population was rather small compared to the Beast Clan, and the bite of a beast clan member was dangerous to them, thus leaving the Vampire Clan at a great disadvantage that could have cost them their entire Clan.


Thankfully they didn't give up, instead, they asked the Demon Clan to aid them in their fight against the foolish Beast King and his Beast Clan. Their call was heard, and the great army of the Demon Clan assisted the Vampire Clan in their war, issuing an all-out war between all three Clans.


This war lasted over a period of 7+ months leading to a never-before-seen amount of bloodshed, destruction, and the fall of many lands.

However, after all this was said and done, a truce was struck in the moment of a stalemate. Together, the Clans formed a peaceful union rather than revert to the barbaric ways of battle and strife.​

[Chapter Six] - The Second Great War 799 Years Ago

Many years after the events of the First Great War, many people were now at peace; the Clans had all greatly developed, and they were a prominent part of the world as we know it. Many people thought this would last, however, that was not the case. Unfortunately, history likes to repeat itself, and the foolish actions of people tend to never stop.

The Second Great War, an event that some say was a key factor in the development of the Demon Clan of today. An event that started much like the one before, driven by senseless and foolish emotions, caused by the 3rd Demon King, Lucifer. Lucifer was a greedy man, he sought power and money above all else, his own people were just a means to get more money and power. Consumed by this bottomless greed and arrogance he ordered the Demon Clan to initiate a war against the Human Clan.

The foolish King's army was quite powerful at the start. They infiltrated the enemy lines and burnt down many towns, slaughtered the innocent citizens, and seized the wealth for his own privilege. This senseless slaughter didn't go without an answer though, for it left quite the message to the Human Clan. The King of the humans granted his wish for war by sending his men to slaughter the Demon King's army that was on the front lines.


It was a long and tiresome battle, it lasted over the period of an entire year. Many lives were lost on both sides from the fighting, lands were destroyed, and all-around damages were dealt. Both sides were nearing a point in which they couldn't continue any longer, but this didn't stop the Human King. He was a valiant man, he refused to let this crime go unpunished, and so he fought, and he won.

With this victory in hand, the Human King could've taken over the Demon Clan if he had pleased to do so, but he refused, knowing that God will choose a better ruler next time. Instead, he publicly executed the foolish Demon King, along with all the nobles that sided with him in this meaningless war, essentially purging the Demon Clan of unneeded waste.

Thus ending the Second Great War.

[Chapter Seven] - Innovation of Mana-Tech

Towards the end of the second Great War, a human researcher and inventor by the name of Darvon Malcom, along with his team of researchers, were the first to touch upon the concept of 'Mana-Tech', otherwise known as 'Magic Construct', a type of advanced technology, that mixed science, and magic, to create something new. This discovery, and the weapons made from it, was what led the Human Clan to a full victory in the Second Great War.


Many years after the second Great War, roughly 600 years ago, the technological level of the world started to change. Using the bases of the weapons and ideas made during the second Great War, researchers and inventors were able to utilize mana as a core, and power source, in order to fully create items that even the common man could use, for the betterment of the future. 


Using Mana Stones, Seals, or other similar containers, or absorbers, they were able to use mana as the core factor in the creation and powering of technologies that can be used by anyone, regardless of how much mana they possess. From constructs that could move on their own, to devices that could connect to others hundreds of miles away, and even a network capable of transmitting information without wires or carriers.


After 600 years of fine-tuning and innovation by other great minds, Mana-tech has come to be a staple in the world of Shinseina, with most upper and middle-class families owning some form of Mana-tech, and lower-class families being able to pay to use, or access it. In fact, the Human Clan is currently the most advanced when it comes to Mana-tech, making it so their cities are filled with technology everywhere, with the Vampire Clan not far behind, and the Demon Clan close, with the Beast Clan having the least.

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