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Demon Encyclopedia 



Demons, one of the main clans in the world of Shinseina that compose of a multitude of different ‘demonic’ races. While some believe that demons are unholy and ungodly creatures due to their history, this is simply not true as they, like many other races, were also created by the Gods. 


Demon is a category rather than a race. Many races make up the category known as demons, each with its unique traits, abilities, weaknesses, and other such matters. However, most demons have a few things in common, such as abilities, weaknesses, or traits. This is a basic list of all the abilities, weaknesses, and much more for Demons.




While most demonic races have their own unique abilities and traits, some of them, or at least most, tend to have a set of common abilities. Below is a list of common demonic abilities that each race have:

  • Unnatural Strength – Demons have always shown themselves to be supernaturally stronger than humans, and even the most common demons, being able to have anywhere between 4-5× the strength of an average human.

  • SuperSpeed - Not as fast as a vampire but demons are known to be naturally 3x physically faster than a human, with their average running speed being up to 50mp/h and their sprint being able to go up to 80km/h. They can only accelerate as fast as a regular human and take time to reach top speed.

  • Enhanced Senses - Demons have senses (hearing, smell, that are up to 2.5 times better than that of the average human.

  • Regeneration - Demons have regeneration ability, but unlike vampires, they can not reattach limbs or heal organs, but with minor injuries like cuts, bruises, or even a stab wound, it only takes a matter of hours or even minutes to heal. Older Demons do however have the ability to reattach limbs but that is considered rare and unique to the individual.

  • Unaging Looks - Demons are not immortal in the sense they can’t die, they simply do not age at the same speed as humans. They can often live for over a hundred years while still retaining the youthful appearance they possess.

  • Unnatural Durability - Demons are one of the sturdiest races to exist, being able to withstand damages that not even vampires or any human could withstand. The average person of a demonic race can withstand 5× the force an average human can, while their bones are 2.5× as durable. Well-trained demonic people can even be as much as 7× as durable as the average human.





As mentioned before, each of the demonic races has its own weaknesses and disadvantage that are unique to them, however, there are some common weaknesses that most of them share. Below is a list of common weaknesses:

  • Most wounds fatal enough to kill a human can either kill or badly wound a demon.

  • Salt - Salt burns their skin if applied directly, weirdly enough they can eat salt with no problem, however, if it is directly touching their skin it burns. This doesn’t affect every demonic species but it is a majority weakness to them.

  • Iron - Wounds inflicted by iron weapons take extremely long to heal and if left untreated within a period of time, it can cause them to become extremely feverish and sick.

  • Red Wine - The wine is said to burn the skin of Demonic beings due to the fact that it is used in much anti-demon magic. Consumption of it can cause their insides to start boiling. Red wine is considered poison to demonic races and is a big taboo.



Demons, much like many of the other races, were created by Kami at the start of life. Created after humans, using their bodies as a template, demons were infused with magic from Yomoko himself, granting them the added features of horns, tails, wings, and other such things. 


As time passed, the forms of demons changed and they themselves evolved. They evolved out of their barbaric ways and started to focus more on avoiding the other races by staying in the caves and undergrounds.

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