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Eldritch Contractual Incantations

What are Eldritch Contractual Incantations?


Eldritch Contractual Incantations, are like Spells in a sense, to be more exact they are more similar to Pagan Magic. They are wishes and desires that the user craves for and calls upon, and by sacrificing the right things, they can call upon the powers of beings beyond their understanding to cause a desired outcome. Eldritch Contractual Incantations do not require mana to be cost. Instead, they come from a sacrifice paid by the user, with the outcome being determined by the price they pay.


Eldritch Contractual Incantations is a form of new magic that has only recently been found out, and very few people know of the existence of it at this time, but more learn as time go on, with voices even reaching out to some and teaching them about it. Eldritch Contractual Incantations follow three key processes.






Sacrificing requires the user to pay some sort of price for the outcome they desire, with the extent of the outcome being based purely on the price that was paid for it. Different things can be used to sacrifice in this stage, and while life, souls, and people, are all valid things, they are not the only things, as memories, emotions, magic, items, and more have been known to work. This is usually done through the process of a ritual in some way, or calling out to the unknown to pay the price.


Imagining is the step that comes after Sacrificing, but is tied to it very closely, as the user's imagination is a large factor in what they wish to accomplish. Without a clear idea in mind about how they want the Eldritch Contractual Incantations to be, and the outcome they desire, it can take on unknown forms.


Conduit is the final step of the process and the part that puts it all together. Once the Eldritch Contractual Incantations have been fully paid for, and the imagination is clear, the power of the unknown will flow through the user as a conduit in order to accomplish the desired outcome.


With these ideas in mind, it is easy to understand why Eldritch Contractual Incantations are one of the major factors of magic in the world as of recent times, but they are also one of the more dangerous ones. Many see it as illegal or taboo, and a lot of people are hunted for it.

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