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Fauna Information

This world is one that is not only populated by people, but by many different creatures, monsters, and other forms of living beings. Fauna, as the people of the world call them, incorporates all of these living things, and gives an understanding to each.

Almost all living things in the world are connected to magic, this is no exception for faunas either. Most of the world’s fauna are either made of magic, can use a magical ability of some sort, or is even part of the lineage that once held a magical being. This is what can play a major factor in keeping these species alive and even dangerous.


Below is a format of how faunas are listed, along with an explanation of what each part means:



⟨ Creature's known name(s) ⟩



⟨ A basic list of the Creature's abilities, may not include all ⟩


Danger Ranking:  

SS - S - A - B - C - D - E - F 

⟨ From weakest to strongest. F-E rank can be killed solo but can be difficult for the untrained person. D-C rank requires a small group of trained people, or if the person is skilled enough may even do it solo. B rank requires a group of at least 10 people, due to how dangerous and hostile they can be. A rank exceeds that difficulty with a necessary for at least 30 well-trained individuals due to their immense strength and danger. S rank creatures are so dangerous that it would be an understatement for a group of over 80 well-trained people to fight it. SS, a rank so legendary there isn't even a requirement. Just run/hide ⟩



Legendary - Rare+ - Rare - Uncommon - Common

⟨ The rarity of a creature is very important for encounters with them, most not being found in commonly visited places. The most basic creatures are Common, meaning it isn't too difficult to cross paths with them. Uncommon need genuine searching to find but they aren’t very hard to come across. Rare would require a stroke of luck and patience, they are not easy to find even with a group searching. Rare+ is a highly impossible creature to cross paths with, making them very unlikely to encounter. Legendary rarity is the type to be seen once every few years, or just, impossible to encounter. Some faunas are known as ‘One of a Kind’ meaning these are beings that are unique to themselves ⟩



⟨ Creature's habitat(s) ⟩



⟨ Any known details of the creature, normally their appearance and temper ⟩

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