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Ki Technique Information

What are Ki Techniques?

Ki Techniques are similar to Spells in nature, however, they are fundamentally different. While spells rely on the user’s mental understanding and comprehension abilities, alongside their mana output capabilities, Ki Techniques do not. Instead, it relies on the training the user is willing to put their body through in order to accomplish the desired outcome.


Ki Techniques unlike spells are not something that can simply be executed at will by memorizing the information and casting it whenever one pleases, but instead requires the user to train their body along a certain pathway dictated by the technique in order to accomplish varies steps of the technique. By doing so they are able to progress through the technique and gain more power from it.




What exactly are Ki Techniques and why do they exist?

No exact point in time can be called the beginning of Ki Techniques, as for as long as people have trained their bodies in various means, it has always been something that has excited. But as time pass, more ways along with more concrete training methods can be found and created. One interesting fact about Ki Techniques is that it doesn’t require a profound understanding of mana to use, one simply needs to have mana in them, and be able to train their body to complete the method shown in the Ki Technique.


In its fundamental sense, Ki Techniques are training methods one can follow to push their body beyond its limits in order to slowly build it up by infusing it with mana so that it can grow stronger as one progresses along the path of the Ki Technique. Many different Ki Techniques exist, with many different outcomes, some being able to boost defense, others’ speed, and some even being able to grant the body elemental effects.​

How do Ki Techniques work?

Ki Techniques each have a certain path one must train in order to gain the benefits of that path when one master it, by doing so they gain all the benefits mastering that level of the path would grant them. To gain further, they must progress along the paths of the Ki Technique to grow. 


Changing Ki Techniques are possible, some can even be stacked on top of each other. However some can not, and others do not allow you to change from learning it without facing backlash for doing so.

Ki Techniques are limited;

• S-Rank Ki Techniques are only acquired with permission, from shop, etc.

• A-Rank Ki Technique are only available for Monarchs and Dukes, and even then it is very rare and hard to come by even for them.

• B-Rank Ki Techniques are for high-level nobility and even then it is rare and hard to come by for them.

• C-Rank Ki Techniques are for low-level nobility and even then it is rare and hard to come by for them.

• D-Rank Ki Techniques are rare and hard to come by for normal people but few shops sell some.


Even with this in mind, Ki Techniques are rare and hard to come by, just because you have access to higher-level ones does not mean you will have access to lower-level ones. Most Ki Techniques are well-kept secrets and aren’t mass-produced or shared outside of where they are from. Most need to be found.

What are the rankings?


  • D-Rank Ki Techniques while easier than others to learn, don’t have very clear or long paths, often providing limited growth.

  • C-Rank Ki Techniques aren’t quite as easy to learn but they have longer paths to follow, often allowing clearer information.

  • B-Rank Ki Techniques are quite difficult to learn and even harder to progress along, but they have very good growth rates.

  • A-Rank Ki Techniques are powerful in growth and long in the path it allows one to grow along, however, it takes longer to master and even progressing the paths.

  • S-Rank Ki Techniques are little known, with information missing from the ones that are known, with unclear paths and missing information, but it allows great strength even in the lower levels.

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